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10 Content Marketing Tools for Startups

Are you one of the smart entrepreneurs who are seeing the benefits of content marketing? If not, then you better start now. For starters, get to know the top content marketing tools for startups.

Mint became a star in personal finance not so long ago. From being a startup, it suddenly rose from its competitors in just a few years. How did Mint do it? They adopted a content marketing strategy; they created MintLife blog, videos, and news roundups.

Using the said campaign, they suddenly topped search engines. What’s more surprising is that it all happened before they even launched their product.

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That is the power of content marketing. However, it’s not as straightforward as it was before. There are a few tricks and tools you need to have before you achieve success.

What are these tools? Read on and know more.

Top Content Marketing Tools for Startups in 2020

You are now probably aware of the power of content marketing. That means you should start your content marketing strategy ASAP.

Fortunately for you, we listed down the best content marketing tools that every startup should know.

No matter if you are currently running the content marketing race or still prepping your game. Here are the top 10 content marketing tools that can help you boost your success.

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DivvyHQ: All-around content marketing tool

If you are looking for an all-in-one content marketing tool, then DivvyHQ is what you need.

DivvyHQ is the number 1 content marketing tool, specially created for content marketers. It helps content producers stay organized.

Content creators need to organize everything on their plate, a problem that DivvyHQ is willing to solve. Divvy has a unique functionality that combines web-based calendars, content management, and online collaboration in a straightforward tool.

DivvyHQ is perfect for a startup’s team of content marketers. Every content creator knows the burden of checking multiple projects manually. With Divvy, you can create various projects and manage them all in one platform.

Furthermore, you can break each project down to specific tasks. Then, assign a designated member to fulfill each task. Along the way, you track the group’s work and progress by viewing the tasks assigned to accountable team members.

All this is done within DivvyHQ.

This process workflow helps the team stay organized and on schedule. What’s more, is that Divvy has a great integration feature. You can create your content in DivvyHQ and publish the complete content to WordPress. How is this done? By integrating your WordPress to your DivvyHQ account.

With Divvy, your content team can smoothly organize content projects, collaborate without difficulties, and publish incredible content to attract more clients.

Create and share your drafts through Google Docs

Collaboration is the key to a successful and productive content team. That is why each team member should be updated on a new piece of content. However, we don’t want to be bombarded with dozens of emails tossed between team members containing reviews, suggested edits, and changes.

Luckily, Google Docs can simplify the content collaboration process. Google Docs is a web-based version of Microsoft Word. Moreover, you can access Google Docs anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. That is why Google Docs is one of the top free tools for content marketing that you should use.

What’s good about Google Docs is that you can easily share your content with your team. Simply change the document’s sharing options, and your team members can freely access the content.

When sending the document to the whole team, you can have restrictions if you want them to suggest changes or make direct changes to the file.

For a hassle-free content collaboration with your team, Google Docs is what you need.

Write it right with Grammarly

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are something content creators should never overlook. Content marketing does not forgive typos. A mistake can make your strategy a total nightmare.

Take it from a known clothing line that quoted a notable historical figure and misspelled the word “genius” to “geniuos.” Yikes!

Grammarly prevents you from making such mistakes.

Grammarly is a dependable but very affordable writing tool that every content creator should obtain. This tool helps spot errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation while you are writing. It also suggests appropriate words and technical analysis of your content.

You can try Grammarly for free by adding it as an extension to Chrome or other browsers. By enabling the Grammarly extension, it will automatically check your Google Docs content.

Another thing to consider is Grammarly’s premium plan. The tool’s premium option gives a lot of exclusive features, such as adding Grammarly for your Microsoft Office.

With this, the tool can thoroughly check your content, including the appropriate tone and writing style. It also offers a plagiarism check on the document without word count limitations.

As Grammarly often quotes, “Avoid embarrassing typos and grammatical errors.”

Be creative with Canva

All words with no visual candies would be too dull. An excellent copy should be partnered with appealing visuals. And that is what Canva is good at.

Canva is a design platform that allows users to create various creative designs for marketing. These designs include social media graphics, posters, visual content, and even business and commercial presentations.

You can access Canva for free or subscribe to their premium plan. Even with the open access option, the platform openly offers various free templates that are perfect for content marketing.

Free templates and design in Canva are minimal; that is why you can pinpoint which designs are created from the tool floating on the internet. However, a talented eye can create unique designs from a different free template from the platform.

Easy social media management with HootSuite

Manually managing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn simultaneously is the bane of the existence of every social media manager. But Hootsuite comes to their rescue.

Hootsuite is a widely used platform specialized in managing social media. It is a trusted tool by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies.

Social media managers can easily maintain their brand’s social profile using Hootsuite. Also, the platform can collaborate with multiple social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Gone are the days where SM managers face multiple tabs of social media sites, waiting for the time to share social media posts. With Hootsuite, you can create your social media text and upload images or videos. Then, simply schedule each post to the corresponding social media network.

Comfortable, fast, and very practical. You can spend the rest of your time on your next marketing strategy.

Maximize SEO with SEMrush

SEO is not dead. Up until now, SEO is still bringing traffic and leads to businesses. That is why you need a useful SEO tool to bring clients to your door. One tool we recommend is SEMrush.

SEMrush is a tool for SEO research, competitive analysis, and content marketing.

When done right and used at its full capacity, SEMrush is your best weapon to optimize your startup content marketing strategy. This tool can help content creators with the following:

  • Topic research
  • Keyword search
  • Site audits
  • Gap analysis
  • Backlink analytics
  • Keyword tracking

For an affordable yet reliable SEO toolkit, SEMrush is one of your best options.

Email marketing with MailChimp

Another addition to our list of content marketing tools is the star tool for email marketing. That is none other than MailChimp.

MailChimp’s marketing approach is focusing on healthy contact management practices. It is a software that helps you get in touch with your audience via email.

How does it work? It allows users to send newsletters to every person who signed up to their mailing list. This strategy helps you keep in touch with your clients.

MailChimp can help you with these:

  • Send marketing emails
  • Send automated messages
  • Create targeted ad campaigns
  • Build landing pages
  • Send postcards
  • Facilitate reporting and analytics
  • Keep your audience updated of promos and new products

What’s more, is that the tool is easy to use. The software is a clean interface that aids the navigation of users.

WordPress: must-have content marketing tool

Everybody probably knows what WordPress is. Well, it is only the most popular website builder to have graced the Web. WordPress is an open-source software where you can create blogs and websites.

Many businesses use WordPress to build their websites and house their blogs. One of the reasons why it is so popular is its ease of use. You can freely make a custom website that suits your taste.

There is no limited template with WordPress, which gives a substantial competitive advantage in the market.

Furthermore, WordPress has a lot of useful plug-ins. Yoast is one plug-in handy for content marketing. It analyzes the content and offers hypothetical conclusions regarding SEO scores and readability.

Overall, WordPress is a tool tailor-fit for startups. It gives an advantage edge for branding and content marketing.

Discover content ideas with BuzzSumo

The content team is in chaos; they ran out of ideas! However, one member came upon BuzzSumo. And boom! A content idea is discovered.

As content marketers, we should always come up with fresh, trendy ideas that are sure to attract the audience. Thankfully, BuzzSumo is a powerful online platform that allows visitors to discover content ideas and insights quickly.

This content marketing tool helps find influencers in any topic area. Then, you can review their content and see which topic is most engaging. From the gathered data, you can develop a suitable material that focuses on the interest of your target audience.

BuzzSumo is specially created for:

  • Competition analysis
  • Content research
  • Outreach research
  • Influencer research
  • Content development
  • Content marketing strategy

Build your credibility with Kred

You create heaps of content and publish one blog every day. How do you know that it is enough?

You need to know the length of your social influence. It does not matter how much content you produce. If you are not reaching the right audience, then your strategy is a fail.

What you need to do is build social credibility for your brand. And Kred is sure to help you with that.

Kred is a platform that can help startups increase their online influence and make them more marketable.

This software works as an analyzer to measure your influence through your social media network activities. Kred helps you find and connect with influencers to amplify your social media posts and gain an online presence.

Heighten Your Content Marketing Strategy with Full Scale

All these content marketing tools do not guarantee instant success. It is not the sword that fights the battle, but the hand which wields it. Your content strategy will only prosper if you have the right team.

But as luck permits, a skilled yet affordable workforce is hard to come by. If you can’t find one in your area, then you better hire offshore. Hire a content marketing team at Full Scale.

Full Scale is a thriving development company helping startups achieve their goals. We have excellent website and software developers specialized in different programming languages.

Not only that, Full Scale also has a marketing team that can act on your content marketing strategy.

We have skilled and experienced web developers that are efficient in building websites using WordPress. Our seasoned creative graphic designers can help create designs that fit your branding. Top it off with excellent content created by our finest writers for an effective content marketing campaign.

If you are yet to start your content marketing game plan, then it is best to start now. Tell us your idea for a grand content marketing. Schedule a consultation and start boosting your startup.