Is omnichannel marketing suitable for startups? As the customer journey changes with time and technology, this type of marketing are necessary not only for huge corporations but with startups, too. In this article, we’ll explore its attributes and how startups

The digital ether of cyberspace gives us convenience and a quick fix on making money. This is called side hustle. Many started with brilliant ideas that turned into side hustles and eventually transformed into a startup business. However, some people

What keeps customers happy? Quality conversation. Read on and find out how e-commerce chatbots are enhancing customer experience. Your customers need to feel they are valued and taken care of. The key to customer satisfaction is providing a solution to their

Chatbots have grown as the preferred tool for online user interaction. Businesses are using it for customer service, marketing, and others. Despite these advantages, startup owners are still having doubts about the chatbot development process. This article discusses how it