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5 Ecommerce Chatbots

What keeps customers happy? Quality conversation. Read on and find out how e-commerce chatbots are enhancing customer experience.

Your customers need to feel they are valued and taken care of. The key to customer satisfaction is providing a solution to their issues quickly and professionally. This is why a lot of businesses leverage technology to enhance the customer experience.

Chatbots are paving the way for customer support in the future; by 2020, chatbots are expected to handle 85% of customer engagement. There is a significant increase in customer satisfaction with companies that use this technology, and with this technology-enhancing customer experience, businesses are leveraging it to increase sales, conversions, and retention.

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To keep up with your competitors, you need to take this modern approach to e-commerce and marketing. Your competitors are taking everything digital, hence, you need to take your services online, too. Chatbots help you maintain engagement while your employees’ focus on their deliverables.

Let’s learn more about chatbots and see how it can help you run your business.

What are E-commerce Chatbots?

A chatbot is an AI-based technology that assists in communication. This is a type of software interface that conducts conversation through text or voice command. Because it is powered by AI and NLP, it can respond in an intelligent human-like manner. It delivers accurate information based on the person’s request.

Additionally, it also processes and analyzes the gathered information from the customer, and stores it in the company’s database. In short, it’s the ultimate virtual assistant that expedites and streamlines a lot of your customer service process.

Depending on how it’s programmed, a chatbot converses in two forms: an AI-based bot or a Fixed/Multiple Choice bot. AI-based bots have a more profound way of talking and taking in information.

On the other hand, a Fixed/Multiple Choice bot follows a script accordingly. You can further learn about how chatbots are built when you study AI and Machine Learning.

Best E-commerce Chatbot Builders

Although chatbots have been around for a long time, it wasn’t until recent years that companies fully maximized their potential. Over the last few years, research in AI has integrated new features in chatbots that allow them to conduct even more stimulating conversations.

Nowadays, companies are using chatbots for customer service. They can now adapt to customers and further develop the data they receive from them. It’s much easier for businesses to design and develop their chatbot. Here are some of the top brands that are known to create quality e-commerce chatbots:

  1. Chatfuel – A straightforward chatbot builder that provides a library of pre-made templates. This user-friendly chatbot is easy to customize and integrate with Facebook Messenger.
  2. Botsify – This chatbot builder features a “human takeover” feature that allows real agents to intervene. It gives way to a hybrid concept of customer engagement.
  3. Mobile Monkey – One of the most sought-after chatbot builders that boast an array of lead generation features. This chatbot builder allows you to collect leads and export them.
  4. ChatterOn – The ideal builder if you want something quick and easy. This is a no-nonsense bot builder that features a simple and convenient deployment setup.
  5. Dialogflow – Built off of Google, this builder offers scalability. This is a very versatile software that supports a large number of platforms.

Chatbots and Customers

Chatbot customer service

So how do e-commerce chatbots help you earn money?

The same way as a shop assistant would walk you through their physical store, a chatbot aims to mimic that experience. Here are some of the ways sales chatbots come in handy in customer support:

Quick Assistance

One of the most common complaints that companies receive from their customers is the lack of attention to their individual needs. Employees cannot easily juggle answering inquiries, dealing with issues, and still selling the product. When a shop is busy, it’s difficult to fully cater to one customer at a time. The large volume of demand is not easy to meet.

A chatbot streamlines each interaction and efficiently provides information to them. It provides quick and well-detailed instructions that take away the burden on employees. This is incredibly helpful if your business deals with transactions daily.

Simplifies Processes

Another time-consuming aspect of a business is explaining to customers how certain things work. Take shipping, for example.

It’s a whole world of integrating third-parties, processing payment, and tracking parcels. Customers don’t need to see all the back end work when they just want a package to be delivered.

Instead of having to explain the nitty-gritty details, chatbots can work behind the scenes doing the tedious and complicated processes. Customers simply have to input the required information and the chatbot can take care of the rest.

Collects Customer Data

Chatbots can record transaction history and all customer information in one organized pattern. You no longer have to pull up files or go through tons of customer records when you’re doing inventory. What’s more, a chatbot stores the data to good use.

Machine Learning allows the chatbot to analyze algorithms and static data, interpreting them into comprehensive and creative solutions.

Personalized Service

Based on the data collected from previous chats, this sales technology can create personalized recommendations to the customer. For example, products and services aligned to their preferences can be offered in their next transactions. This is a great way for marketing deals to reach its target markets.

Starbucks paved the way for other companies in using a virtual barista to up their order-taking process. The virtual barista in their app takes incoming orders in a casual real-life manner. People can easily describe their drink of choice and have it delivered to their location seamlessly.

Build your E-commerce Chatbot

Now that we’ve learned the key role of chatbots in helping companies achieve customer satisfaction, it’s time to consider if they’re right for your business. More and more companies are going digital with their product and services.

Although traditional establishments are still firmly standing, research has shown that technology is drawing the majority of consumers online. Your competitors are most likely trying to get their hands on the best e-commerce chatbots. Regardless of the nature of your business, you need to seriously consider the developments that would affect it in the future.

If you’re planning to build your website or app, leave it to the experts.

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