Amazon Marketing for Your Business

10 Ways to Level up Your Amazon Marketing

Are you looking for better ways to do Amazon marketing? There are effective Amazon marketing strategies that you can use. Read on to learn about eCommerce marketing and why you should do it differently.

The goal for every business is to increase sales. Like any e-commerce business, selling on Amazon has its challenges.The retail landscape has changed the way people shop, all thanks to the internet.

With online shopping and banking, digital buyers are steadily increasing by the year. Statista found that in 2020, over two billion people bought goods and services online. They also found that e-retail sales have surpassed 4.2 trillion US dollars globally.

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Amazon is not excluded from the global online market growth. But why sell on Amazon? Here are some reasons:

  • It’s one of the most used online marketplaces in the world.
  • They have facilities that can handle product warehousing.
  • Amazon FBA helps sellers ship their inventory to customers without the hassle.
  • They have a consistent consumer base estimated at ⅓ of the US shopper market.

Amazon has an option where you can maintain a high-quality service to your customers. But before anything else, you have to attract your ideal customers first. As the online market gets crowded, how do you stand out? Read along.

Top 10 Tips on Amazon Marketing

To get the most out of Amazon marketing, you have to work on your seller listing and rating. Here are some tips on how you can improve marketing on Amazon:

1. Optimize

You might have encountered a few online sellers who have the product you need available. When you look at the product description, you can’t seem to understand what the seller is trying to convey. Would that convince you to buy?

To optimize your product listing, you need to ensure that they are easy to read and informative. Highlight the benefits and features. Your customer should be able to browse through your page with ease and enough reason to buy.

Optimization is not only about keywords. Highlight important selling points by using boldface fonts or all CAPS. Your goal is to attract and inform your target audience and convert them into buyers.

2. Improve Search Ranking

Now that you have the product keywords you want to use, it’s time to put them to work. You can improve your product visibility by:

  • Organic search results where you pick ten different keyword strategies. It would be best if you thought like how someone would search for a product.
  • You can run paid ads that will help you reach a bigger audience.

3. Invest in Good Products Images

If you want a higher chance of converting potential customers, you need to have good product photos on your product listing. Images are necessary to capture the attention of your customers and get them to purchase the product.

Low-resolution images are not advisable as they might discourage customers from buying. Invest in a product photoshoot to drive more sales.

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4. Reasonable Product Pricing

Amazon marketing will also involve product pricing. You have to think like the customer. Look at it this way, you want a specific product, but you want to get the best deal in the market. You would want to buy from a reliable seller who gives reasonable prices for their products.

Posting competitive pricing on Amazon allows your customers to weigh up your product vs. your competition. Most of the time, buyers will select the reasonably priced item.

One word of warning, you have to present a competitive price. You don’t want to sell your items too low, as you could be losing money in the process.

5. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon is one of their services where they store your products and ship them for you. This also helps in marketing and selling your products. Additionally, you will get the Amazon Prime badge attached to your product listing. Amazon’s fast and free shipping through Prime is one of the biggest sales drivers.

6. Optimize and Run PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC is one of the most effective ways for better Amazon marketing. You allocate some marketing money to have your product show up on organic results. This way, you will encourage people to see your product and convert them into a sale.

Optimize your running PPC campaigns by spending only on good search terms, including ads.

7. Amazon Promos

Everybody loves a good deal, and promotions will reel your customers in. Basically, if you want more visibility on Amazon, then set up any of the following deals:

  • Lightning Deals
  • 7-Day Deals
  • Amazon Coupons

A majority of these deals will show up on the product listing page and the search results. Also, the promotion will appear on Amazon’s showcase page. Advertisements help your Amazon marketing strategies where you will gain more visibility for people to buy.

8. Keep and Study Key Data

You can start by downloading the search term report, so you will see which keywords are performing best. Here, you will determine which ads are performing well and which ones you need to discontinue.

Optimize your workflow and make a systematic analysis based on the size of your Amazon marketing campaigns. That way, you will be able to build the foundation to drive results for future campaigns.

Increase Sales with Amazon Marketing Strategies

9. Build Restrictions

It might sound counterintuitive when you have to build restrictions. Adding negative keywords to your product listing will help your Amazon marketing. Let’s say you sell shirts but not sweaters; you can add sweaters as a negative keyword. That way, Amazon will only show your ads to qualified customers.

Doing this will help you save ads money on Amazon marketing by filtering out the customers looking for your product. Build out your negative keywords list over time for specific keywords you don’t want to be included in.

10. Partner up with an Amazon Brand Accelerator

In 2018, Amazon launched its new service called Amazon Accelerator. They provide sellers or manufacturers with the following:

  • Onboarding support to create the product branding and track performance.
  • Marketing support to help products get high customer reviews and more product placements on the Amazon website.
  • Innovation and testing where you also get quick customer feedback on new and improved products.

If you’re looking to scale, it would be a good idea to consider joining Amazon Accelerator. Another option is to look at Amazon marketing companies that specialize in increasing sales on e-commerce platforms.

One example would be Marknology. They are a global e-commerce marketing company that helps businesses build their brand and launch the products they want to sell online. Essentially, agencies like Marknology have built expertise around Amazon marketing to help your online business scale.

Is Amazon for me?

Just like any other business, getting started takes some work. With the right motivation and advice, selling your products on Amazon might allow your business to scale. You also have to understand how people buy products on the internet.

The easiest way to build your online shopping listing is to partner up with an Amazon marketing agency. They will help strengthen your brand identity without spending too much money on ads. You will also shift your focus on running your business rather than spending too much time learning how to sell on Amazon.

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