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Benefits of Hiring Offshore App Developers

Leading the next generation of workforce in combating software developers’ scarcity in the US is the offshoring method. Offshore app developers are crucial enablers for digital transformation and innovation. So, why do you choose to offshore your processes? Let’s discuss the benefits of offshore development and the attributes of a good offshore development company.

Recently, Apple and Google announced its collaboration to develop tools to perform COVID-19 tracing. It shows that the recent pandemic allows our mobile-enabled society to leverage technical resources to battle the looming threat to humanity.

The opportunity to build web applications and tools to fight this pandemic is not exclusive to these tech giants. Other startups are working towards delivering services and catering to the essentials of the new normal.

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Despite this crisis, the key to success is knowing how to use emerging technologies to build modern software applications. Technology plays an important role in this critical time, so with the hard-to-hire technical skills. The workforce is evolving, and offshore app developers prove to be of great help.

What is an Offshore Development

Offshore development is a kind of outsourcing. It moves the business process to a foreign country, but still, has control of the entire business process. Full Scale’s article details the difference between the two.

Offshoring has many advantages with the right provider. Given the right situation and enablement, startups need to embrace this method as it can help accelerate digital transformation and application development.

Startup owners are taking a strategic approach with the evolving workplace and market. Offshoring is not a novice approach and is a catalyst for change. However, stringent considerations are applied to look for the best provider.

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You should hire companies that:

  • Protect your business ideas and Intellectual Property(IP) rights. Especially if you are into data analytics.
  • Communicate properly. Aside from technical skills, offshore app developers must be fluent in English—both in written and oral.
  • Show a high employee retention rate. Remember, you are addressing talent shortage, and the last thing you need is team reorganization in the middle of the development.

We are gearing towards the new normal in which the entire world implements social distancing. We now rely on the technologies that deliver innovative solutions to our basic needs. Due to the pandemic, the hyper demands of software development have increased.

Thus, this is the right time to consider offshoring. It just boils down to the strategy, approach, and technology that startups choose. These factors will determine the business rate of returns. The faster you decide, the sooner the benefits.

Remember, even if it is the end of the world, the market waits for no one.

Top Benefits of Hiring Offshore App Developers

Workforce and workplace transformation is all-encompassing. It affects all stakeholders as you hire offshore app developers in establishing processes and integrating modern technologies. Offshore development can even change the business culture.

Thus, establishing business processes in a foreign land can be a challenging feat for startup owners. That said, here are the benefits of offshoring: 


The Philippines is one of the leading countries in the Asia-Pacific region that has affordable offshore app developers. As credit crunch is looming due to COVID-19, offshore development reduces costs and overhead to develop the necessary solutions.


Flexibility is one of the core benefits of offshore development. Regardless of the location and time zone, you can work with your team. It offers faster problem solving and easy access to professional help from across the world.

No Infrastructure

Offshoring reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs. There is no need for infrastructure setup on your end. Offshore development companies have their setup and offer any kind of infrastructure that your company requires. They have their own offices, equipment, project management tools, etc.

Focus on business development expansion

Offshore development companies focus on the business process, while startup owners focus on how to expand their business.

A constant supply of offshore app developers

The Philippines has a constant supply of offshore mobile app developers. Every year, it produces thousands of IT and Software Engineering graduates that can perform simple and complicated software development tasks.

Quality Performance

Offshore app developers bring a fresh perspective to a project. With their technical expertise, they are in pace with the recent trends in offshore development and technologies. They ensure quality performance to gain an edge in the competitive market.

Offshore App Developers Fuel Digital Transformation

The pandemic poses a threat of an economic slowdown. This is the most favorable time to offshore your business process. And the latest development in computer software and hardware helps your preferred offshore developers achieve their commitment to their clients.

Cloud-based platforms such as Google Suite and Azure helps offshore companies perform tasks efficiently. Communication tools play a vital role in establishing rapport among team members. Project planning tools create top-notch productivity.

If anything, offshore app development continues to drive growth in IT spending. For startups, it is still an essential method to stay competitive in the years ahead.

Expect that in the news, you will hear about another company being disrupted. Another is going out of business completely due to this pandemic. However, a strong entrepreneurial mindset cannot simply let this happen.

Full Scale and other offshore developer companies provide a real and proven way for businesses to develop new digital solutions. It helps accelerate digital processes and leapfrog competitors.

Start Building with Offshore App Developers

Understanding the market and the implications of offshore software development are important. Whether you’re in the software industry or not. You need to shift focus to adapt to some significant changes.

As you hire offshore app developers, new opportunities will open up that will allow you to move faster and be more innovative than ever before.

This pandemic is a business disruption. But it can be a disruptive innovation when you consider hiring offshore app developers. Do not linger with this pandemic’s threat. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Be on top of the game.

Here at Full Scale, we can build your team of offshore app developers quickly and affordably. Our high-caliber mobile app developers and other software talents are resilient and can maneuver despite the crisis.

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