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Best Practices for Building Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the best way to bridge the gap between casual buyers and loyal customers. How do you convince customers to become your true-blue supporters? Keep your repeat customers coming with these proven strategies.

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with competition, consumers have more options on their hands. And with the advent of mobile technology, it’s easier to discover and compare products or services at the touch of the fingertips.

Hence, some consumers are less compelled to stay loyal to a specific brand. Echoing this sentiment is a study by Yotpo. It suggested that more than 36.4% surveyed shoppers consider themselves brand loyal after making five or more purchases from the same brand.

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This goes to show that retaining loyal customers is not easy. Along with factors such as price, quality, delivery, and customer service, it may take a while for customers to acclimate to a brand.

However, marketing to loyal customers proves to be more profitable than acquiring new ones. Why?

Because it costs less to pursue repeat customers than with new acquisitions. You don’t need to convince or aggressively market to brand-loyal customers. They already enjoy your products over other competitors.

To keep customers happy and loyal, you need to invest in brand loyalty as part of your long-term marketing strategy. Follow these steps to encourage more customers to be your No. 1 brand advocate. Let’ start.

Brand Loyalty: Turn Casual Buyers into loyal customers

Best Practices in Building Brand Loyalty

Focus on Providing Quality

While this is obvious, some brands may overlook this part in favor of other metrics. Quality and the value it delivers determine a customers’ perception of your brand. Delivering the highest standards of products and services is one of the ways to champion brand loyalty.

There’s no going around it. If you promise to offer such features, then make sure to keep your end of the bargain. In this way, customers will never question the value your product brings.

Also, a customer will more likely share their positive experience with a brand to their friends through word-of-mouth. The latter is powerful and less expensive if you were to spend the marketing budget on them.

Start by identifying what customers need and value the most. Then, offer a product or service that meets those needs. If your offering far exceeds their expectations, then customers will likely choose your brand over the others.

Consistency is the Key

The trust and credibility a company enjoys springs from its efforts to stay consistent.

Consistency gives customers that sense of familiarity no matter what platform they’re on. Be it on social media, email, or your website; people subconsciously crave uniformity in the way a brand looks and feels.

Even small things that stray from your branding may trigger warning bells to customers. Make sure to keep your branding consistent on your marketing assets and channels. Additionally, your brand message should parallel with the value and reputation that your company stands for.

Connect with Customers

Similarly, customer engagement creates a sense of closeness and belongingness. People want to know that they’re not just leads or numbers; that their opinion matters and they are part of a community.

Use your social media platforms to share the latest developments in your company. Are there any special discounts or deals you’d like your followers to take advantage of? Inform them via email or SMS notification if they want to take part in a beta program for a new product. Even a simple thank you note or birthday and holiday greetings can make them feel special.

Brand loyalty allows customers to feel that you genuinely care about them beyond business transactions.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

Another great way to build customer loyalty is by providing awesome customer service. Your relationship with customers doesn’t end at sales. It starts from their discovery up until after the consumption of your products.

Be responsive to them and offer the right solutions to their concerns. Engage with them with a sense of empathy and kindness. Use applicable technologies such as Salesforce and Zendesk to streamline the customer experience. These tools help you keep track of issues and ways to improve your service.

Keep in mind, the way your team talks and treat customers goes a long way. Make sure to treat them right from both your physical and digital stores. They should come out with the same positive experience anywhere they engage with your brand.

Collect Feedback

A customer’s feedback comes right after serving them. Their ratings and reviews will help identify your area of strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to understand what they think and feel about your offerings.

If you’ve already collected their feedback, what should you do next?

Take note of lapses and figure out how to improve them. This feedback is only as good as the actions taken upon them. Brand loyalty is all about involving your customers to be at the front seat of building an excellent brand experience.

Show Appreciation through Incentives

Want to show your avid customers how much you appreciate them? Reward their loyalty through an incentive program. You can add special discounts or vouchers upon checkout. The more incentives they get, the more reason they have to stay.

Take it from the Swedish ready-to-make furniture company, Ikea. Their Ikea Family program rewards loyal customers with a free hot drink in every visit. Members can expect to get special discounts and thank-you surprises on selected meals and products.

Companies that reward customers with perks encourage them to become repeat shoppers. This provides an avenue where customers feel special and appreciated for their patronage.

Keep Loyal Customers with Brand Loyalty

Building a loyal following doesn’t happen overnight. More often than not, it will take years to keep customers happy and loyal to your brand. This is why companies stand to gain by building relationships through brand loyalty.

If you’re able to delight customers in many ways, you’ll be spend less marketing on them. Loyal customers are more likely to become your brand’s unwavering ally.

These actionable tips should bring your brand closer to customers, providing them a familiar and positive experience worth sharing with family and friends.

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