The Business of Mushrooms and E-commerce

Hosted By Andrew Morgans


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Ep. #606 - The Business of Mushrooms and E-commerce

Are you ready to get up close and personal with the mushroom industry? In this episode of Startup Hustle, Andrew Morgans talks with Jack Klauber, the founder of Everyday Dose. The duo discuss the nitty-gritty of selling functional mushrooms and the eCommerce scene.

Covered In This Episode

As the famous adage says, health is wealth. But in a world filled with health products, is there a magic trick to choosing the right way to be healthy? If you’re a business owner selling health supplements, how can you properly market your products?

All these things and more are talked about by Andrew and Jack in this episode of Startup Hustle. Here are other points discussed in the podcast.

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  • Jack Klauber’s story of being a serial entrepreneur
  • The Everyday Dose, its mushroom-infused products, and their positive effects
  • Tips on how to navigate the complex world of Amazon
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  • Jack’s origin story as an entrepreneur (02:22)
  • Airbnb backstory in New York and Kansas City (03:10)
  • NSFW: A private membership club (06:48)
  • How the Everyday Dose started (11:19)
  • The positive experience of consuming Everyday Dose products (16:55)
  • Entrepreneurship and personal hobbies (18:23)
  • Challenges of being an e-commerce entrepreneur and ways to resolve them (24:05)
  • Jack’s go-to marketing strategy in Amazon (35:14)
  • Amazon—its algorithm, environment, logistics, and how to make it work for you (51:00)

Key Quotes

First is having a value proposition that’s easy to communicate to your customers. So that your customers can also easily communicate it to their friends.

Jack Klauber

It’s about making them understand that you’re in it for the long game. That this is a relationship. You’re trying to be a part of their team, not just a contract team.

Andrew Morgans

Because you’re not worrying about the quality of Facebook ads, or any of those kinds of funnels, it’s really just about creating high-converting, detailed pages. You’re worried less about half the process.

Andrew Morgans

Discover more tips on how to become a success story on Amazon. Tune in to this episode now!

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