Content Strategies for Startups

Creative Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

You may have an important message to send out to the world, but for that message to reach the right people, it has to compete with an endless number of other displays to acquire even a decent amount of exposure. Digital media has paved the way for cheaper, faster, and more convenient marketing, but to reap the benefits, you need the right content marketing strategy.

If you’re a business owner who is looking for ways to drive traffic to your site or you want to establish an online presence for your brand, then you need to create a content marketing strategy. In this post, you’re going to learn how to maximize the Internet for your business.

Content Marketing for Startups

Before creating your content strategy, you need to identify who your target audience is and what type of platform they are frequently active on. If you’re still relatively new to the industry, your priority is to build up a following. This is why there’s a need to create a buyer’s persona.

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Ideally, your content has to reach your business’ target market. To do that, you’ll need to incorporate your buyer’s perspective. If most of your customers are in a younger demographic, then you’ll have to adjust your tone and writing style to something more casual and trendier.

Likewise, if you’re aiming to reach the older demographic, you need to share content that they can relate to. Once you know who you’re marketing for, you can start researching the trends and gathering materials to send out.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Planning

Higher market exposure leads to more significant profit. Therefore, it does indeed pay to have a plan. Here are some content marketing strategies that will help you maximize the benefits of blogging, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Start a Blog

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to optimize it through blogs. SEO-driven copies will redirect a larger audience to your site. Choose topics that would pique your reader’s interest and allow you to subtly plugin your services.

Make sure that your entries are informative, relatable, and entertaining. To optimize your blog, you have to consider the body and structure of your material. Do your research on SEO rules regarding the word count, the number of images, the heading hierarchy to follow, number of links, and keyword insertion of your post.

Guest Posts on Reputable Sites

As a startup, it’s difficult to build a following, especially if you’re competing in a highly congested market. So how do you build up your audience? Simple.

Network with the right people! Get more significant exposure by connecting with high-authority sites by guest posting. Share your expertise on a platform that already has a substantial following.

Guest posting will not only boost your brand’s credibility through the site’s endorsement, but it will also redirect more traffic to your website when you include backlinks.

Use Content Marketing Tools

In the digital age, you don’t have to go at it alone. Content marketing involves a lot of organization, scheduling, and strategizing. Luckily, several project management tools can efficiently help you manage your workload.

Content-centric tools like DivvyHQ can help you manage and curate content. DivvyHQ lets you streamline your workflow, automate your processes, and monitor your content performance.

Use Visuals

A picture paints a thousand words, and in Marketing, it says even more to your customers. In the rapid pace of digital media, which only allows you eight seconds to make a memorable impression, you have to convey your message in the fastest way possible.

Rather than sharing a boatload of long, boring text to your audience, a fun and informative infographic can get the message across with more impact. It’s always smarter to choose a visual version when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention.

Do your Research

One way to get an edge over competitors is to go two steps ahead of them by studying how they work and comparing how you would fare against them.

In content creation, it is crucial to know what type of topics are trending and which ones your market would like to read. Research your competitors, as well as your target audience. It’s important to know what headlines your customers are clicking on and what kind of writing style usually convinces them to buy.

Feature Big Names

The same way you build up credibility by guest posting on other sites, having a guest post on your website will build up its traffic. Influencers are those people who already have a solid following. They are considered trustworthy sources;

Fans/Followers turn to them for advice on specific subjects. Featuring an influential person will not only boost your traffic’s performance, but their endorsement will also elevate your company’s credibility.

Implement your Campaign

Now that we’ve learned how to plan a content marketing strategy, it’s time to put them into action. You’ll need the right people to produce content regularly, check on its progress, and maintain the level of engagement with the audience.

Content marketing requires experts who know how to study algorithms to come up with click-worthy topics. This is where content writers come in.

Content writers are the ones who implement and oversee your content marketing plan. They ensure you have a consistent brand voice that’s engaging and relevant to their audience.

Hiring Content Writers

Once you’ve acquired enough of a following, the next step is to keep it. You need to post new blogs that are fresh, informative, and effectively optimized. And this is where content writers come into play.

If you need content regularly, then the best option is to hire a dedicated content writer for your company. Although there are a lot of options when it comes to hiring writers, the most convenient and cost-saving way is to explore your offshoring options.

At Full Scale, our content writers can work according to your schedule to guarantee deadlines are met, and they’re available when you have certain requests.

What’s great about having an offshore development team is that you don’t have to worry about managing and delegating tasks. You can negotiate the type of set-up you’d like with the team.

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