Dallas Top Startups 2023

Dallas Top Startups, 2023

Dallas, Texas, is home to a thriving startup scene, with diverse tech companies making waves in the industry. This article will look at 14 top tech startups in Dallas. We highlight their unique offerings and discuss their impact on the tech industry and beyond.

They say everything is big in Texas, a phrase first used in the 1930s in state campaigns by the Texas State Travel Bureau. However, it is not an empty phrase. Given its history of prominent personalities, big Dallas companies, and significant events, it certainly describes the state well.

Unsurprisingly, Dallas is also the ninth-largest in the US. Because of its highly diverse population, Dallas is famous for its rich cultural and athletic scene.

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However, its economy is primarily banking, commerce, telecommunications, computer technology, energy, healthcare and medical research, transportation, and logistics. It is home to several major companies, such as AT&T, Texas Instruments, and Southwest Airlines.

Dallas is a significant player in the tech space, constantly adding to its number of tech startups and attracting investors. The city has 1,507 active tech and software companies, 354 of which are tech startups founded since 2017. Below are 14 Dallas companies vying for supremacy in the tech space in 2023 that caught our team’s attention.

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Top Dallas Startups to Watch in 2023

SquareDash, a Dallas tech startup

Natural disasters can happen anytime, and they can tear the roof off homes, literally! Property owners typically have insurance to cover their losses, but getting paid for an approved claim can take a long time. In most cases, the insurance company will make multiple payments as the work progresses.

Contractors receive a high volume of work in the aftermath of a disaster, which is good. The problem is property owners want the work done quickly, and vendors and employees expect to get paid on time. Many contractors do not have the financial bandwidth to wait around to get their money from insurance claims. SquareDash helps Dallas companies and contractors receive reimbursements faster.

SquareDash is a subscription claim funding platform. It assists in funding contractors on property claims filed by homeowners after natural disasters, like hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Once an insurance company approves a claim, SquareDash subscribers can upload it to the platform. Within two days, the funds are available for the contractor to use.

The platform also advances payment for partially completed jobs. Essentially, the platform converts contractors’ accounts receivables into upfront capital, so they don’t have to wait for their money. The goal is to help contractors pay vendors and employees on time by giving them their money 30-60 days faster.

SquareDash provides contractors with predictable revenue and cash flow by advancing payments for insurance claims and invoices. The service fee for funding starts at 4.95% per advance. Their services include instant payment for claims, partial job completion invoicing, and online collection of payments, saving contractors time and effort.

SquareDash is under the leadership of CEO Matt Fruge. The company raised $370,000 in a Pre-Seed round on August 1, 2022.

SquareDash CEO Matt Fruge

Matt Fruge

CEO, SquareDash

Startup Hustle spoke with Matt Fruge about “How to Manage Cash Flow.” The episode will air on March 10, 2023.

Fintech Dallas company College Cash

The burden of college debt has increased in recent years, with the average student loan borrower owing over $30,000 upon graduation. As a result, it has raised concerns about the long-term financial well-being of graduates and the potential impact on the economy as a whole. College Cash provides a unique way of dealing with college debt.

CollegeCash is a fintech company that aims to help users reduce and eliminate student loan debt through crowdsourcing user-generated content. The platform basically allows members to earn income by participating in user-generated content campaigns from various brands.

The platform uses a subscriber’s everyday behavior and engagement with various brands to help them pay off their student loan debt. Users can select a campaign and submit a post. If the campaign chooses their post, they will get paid for it. It allows users to earn money by participating in brand campaigns and using the money earned to pay off student loans.

College Cash is a Dallas tech startup founded in 2019. It operates under co-founders and CEO Demetrius Curry and COO Michael Simpson.

Demetrius Curry, College Cash CEO and Co-founder

Demetrius Curry

CEO & Co-founder, College Cash

Startup Hustle spoke with Demetrius Curry about “How to Overcome Adversity” The episode will air on March 13, 2023.

Island, proving an Enterprise Browser for Dallas companies

Organizations worldwide have been using consumer browsers in their corporate computing environment for a long time. However, these organizations require a level of control and governance that consumer browsers don’t provide. Island offers a solution.

Island is a Dallas tech startup headed by co-founders CEO Michael Fey and CTO Dan Amiga. Their Enterprise Browser is a secure and customizable browser designed for enterprise environments globally, including Dallas companies. It provides a smooth user experience while also meeting the specific needs of businesses. These include advanced security protocols and integration with other enterprise systems.

Experienced enterprise security and browser technology leaders are developing the Enterprise Browser, backed by leading venture funds. The browser enables organizations to govern how users interact with web applications securely to prevent data leakage.

Additionally, it offers a range of features like securing SaaS and internal web apps and governance over a privileged user account. It also provides contractors and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workers safe access.

The Enterprise Browser reduces the dependency on virtual desktop infrastructure and supports built-in safe browsing. At the same time, it allows secure web filtering, web isolation, exploit prevention, smart network routing, and Zero Trust access.

Island has raised $285 million in four funding rounds from seven investors since 2020. The latest funding was from a Series B round on November 10, 2022.

Michael Fey, Island CEO & Co-founder

Michael Fey

CEO and Co-founder, Island

Startup Hustle spoke with Michael Fey about “What is an Enterprise Browser?” The episode will air on April 17, 2023.

Business-as-a-platform Tangible Intelligence

Paperwork can be a significant waste of time and money for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The average worker spends about 76% of their time on data entry alone. Another time sink for 54% of office workers is searching for digital files and information. Through automation, Dallas companies and businesses worldwide can mitigate these inefficient processes. That’s the idea behind Tangible Intelligence.

The Business-as-a-Service platform for Dallas companies is the brainchild of the University of Texas Dallas alumni Matthew Coburn and Austin Howard. They use machine learning, AutoExtract.ai, to transform unstructured documents in any format into structured data. By training AI agents by example, the platform eliminates tedious and costly data entry and other mundane tasks for human workers.

Tangible Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of services, including the following:

  • Document Extraction: Automatically extract data from invoices, receipts, and forms, including vendor name, invoice number, and line item details.
  • Document Classification: Automatically classify documents based on their content, such as invoices, receipts, and forms.
  • Data Entry Automation: Automate the data entry process, reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Document Processing Automation: Automate the process of handling and processing large volumes of documents.
  • Customizable Workflow Automation: Create custom workflows to automate specific business processes.

The platform can integrate with other systems and software, such as accounting and ERP. Matthew Coburn is the CEO, while co-founder Austin Howard takes on the dual role of CTO and COO. Together, they raised an undisclosed amount in a Seed round on March 25, 2022.

Hypergiant Sensory Services, a subsidiary of Hypergiant

Many industries are using cameras and sensors to monitor different environments. This has created a need for technology that can continuously watch, understand, and learn from the environment. Hypergiant Sensory Sciences aims to address this need by developing machine-powered sensory perception to detect and alert us to critical events.

Sensory Sciences is a branch of Hypergiant, a technology-based company that provides solutions for various industries such as energy, aerospace, defense, and others. This technology firm creates AI-powered digital copies of real-world scenes by combining sensor networks, deep learning, and modeling software.

The company provides solutions that allow organizations to make sense of sensor data and turn it into actionable insights that drive their business forward. Their sensor data services also include analysis, management, visualization, storage, integration, security, and governance.

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is under the watchful eye of CEO Mike Betzer and CTO Michael Roberts. The subsidiary received $5M from five investors in a Seed round raised on November 30, 2018.

Top Dallas tech startup Kanarys

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a term used to describe the effort to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society or organization. DEI initiatives have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the business and corporate world. Research has shown that a diverse workforce brings different perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table. It leads to more innovative and effective solutions, better decision-making, and improved performance for Dallas companies.

However, DEI efforts must have data and metrics to track progress and ensure accountability. Companies should set measurable goals and regularly assess their progress toward achieving them. Kanarys can provide them with the tools they need.

Kanarys is a software company that provides a platform for companies to measure and improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. The platform includes a survey tool for employees to provide feedback on their experiences anonymously. It also includes data analytics and resources for companies to take action on the feedback they receive.

Kanarys is under the supervision of co-founders CEO Mandy Price and COO Star Carter. Under their leadership, the company received $4.6 million in three funding rounds from seven investors since its founding. Its latest funding was a Seed round raised on January 6, 2021.

Dallas tech startup Pathway Homes

Qualifying for a home loan generally requires borrowers to have good credit scores, a stable income, and a down payment. Additionally, borrowers must provide documentation, such as proof of income and employment, tax returns, and financial statements.

Due to the strict requirements, it can be difficult for some people to qualify for a home loan. But programs and resources are also available to help individuals who may have difficulty qualifying. One of these is Pathway Homes.

Pathway Homes is a real estate platform with a mission to create more homeowners. It helps turn renters into buyers with its programs, establishing options for the many Americans who cannot afford to buy in today’s market.

Their programs include HomeStart. This offers customers a unique approach to purchasing a home by allowing them to move in with just a security deposit upfront. It will enable them to rent with the option to buy the house when they are ready.

Savings Match is another one of their programs that enables customers to build a down payment. At the same time, they rent with a deposit of just 2.5% of the home’s value. Pathway provides a fixed return on their deposit and a matching contribution over time. It results in a full 5% deposit towards the home purchase by year five. Additionally, Equity Builder allows customers to buy half of a home with just 5% down while renting the remaining half.

Anyone interested in owning a home can apply online. Upon approval, Pathway will help them decide which program is the most appropriate for their circumstances. They can choose a home on the market or any of the move-in ready homes of Pathway.

The company will take everything from then on, including major maintenance and upkeep, until the applicant is ready to buy. Homebuyers can also decide to continue renting or cancel the application instead of buying with no penalties.

Pathway Homes has the support of housing industry leaders Regis Group, Fifth Wall, and Invitation Homes. It operates under the leadership of CEO Josh Gould and Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder: KC Cleary. It raised $225 million from the Bank of America in debt financing on September 8, 2022.

Influencer Relationship Management Dallas top startup Buzzbassador

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. Additionally, influencer marketing campaigns can generate $6.50 in earned media value for every $1 spent on the campaign.

However, the effectiveness of influencer marketing can vary depending on the campaign and the influencer chosen. Buzzbassador helps Dallas companies make the right choices.

Buzzbassador is a comprehensive influencer relationship management (IRM) platform. It has assisted over 3,000 eCommerce businesses across various industries and sectors to increase sales and brand recognition through social media influencers.

The platform allows businesses to search for influencers based on specific criteria and then collaborate with them to create sponsored content. The criteria include location, niche, and social media platform. It also provides analytics and reporting tools to help businesses measure campaign success.

With its unique auto-pilot mode, the platform empowers small and medium-sized businesses. It unlocks additional revenue potential with figures of $11.5M generated to date and saves time and resources. Buzzbassador also enables users to collaborate with influencers and creators to create authentic word-of-mouth marketing with 82% better conversion rates.

Automated workflows streamline every stage of partnering with creators. The automation ranges from discovery and onboarding to campaigns, payouts, and reporting, thus reducing hours of manual work.

The platform operates under co-founders CEO Calvin Waddy, III, and COO Shelby Baldwin. As a result of their team’s efforts, it has raised $1 million in five funding rounds since 2019. The latest was a Pre-Seed round raised on September 16, 2022.

One of Dallas companies for women Rosy Wellness

Sexual wellness for women is an essential aspect of their overall health and well-being. It involves caring for one’s physical, emotional, and social well-being concerning one’s sexuality. However, access to sexual wellness programs can be challenging, particularly for those with limited financial resources or in rural areas. Rosy Wellness provides that access online.

Rosy Wellness aims to improve the sexual health of women through a subscription-based service. One of the top Dallas companies, they use technology to give women access to education, behavioral interventions, and a supportive community.

Developed by medical professionals and mental health experts, Rosy is a unique solution for the 43% of women who experience sexual issues. The company’s app also provides personalized support and resources for individuals to take control of their sexual health.

Through their app, women can take a comprehensive Sexual Wellness Quiz to create a personalized Wellness Plan tailored to their specific goals and history. The basic (Silver) subscription also comes with expert-crafted educational content and more than 100 sexy stories. Gold and Platinum subscriptions include workshops and group coaching.

The wellness company is a Dallas tech startup managed by founder and CEO Lyndsey Harper with the help of CTO Mark Zepeda. Rosy Wellness has raised $4 million in five funding rounds from 10 investors since 2018. The latest funding was a Seed Round on November 15, 2021.

Top Dallas tech startup Slync.io

The US is a massive market with a complex and extensive supply chain network across different industries and geographies. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in the supply chain logistics industry, leading to various challenges.

These include infrastructure deficiencies, increasing regulations, and adopting new technologies to remain competitive. As a result, the supply chain logistics industry in the US is undergoing significant transformation. Slync.io provides some relief for Dallas companies.

Slync.io created the first global shippers and logistics providers platform, offering intelligent automation for higher productivity and process efficiency. Their Logistics Orchestration® connects systems, ingests data, and automates processes with metadata-driven architecture, providing tailored interfaces for workers. As a result, it makes teams more productive, companies more profitable, and customers more successful.

The platform connects logistics and shipping systems, processes structured and unstructured data, automates tasks, and manages teams. Its metadata-driven design enables flexible deployment for intricate supply chains and custom user interfaces for supply chain network workers.

John Urban and co-founder Varun Dodla serve as Slync.io’s CEO and CTO, respectively. Under their leadership, Slync.io has raised $75.9 million in five funding rounds from five investors since 2017. Their latest funding was a Series B round on February 4, 2021.

Real-world automation platform Worlds, one of the top Dallas companies

Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and logistics use real-world automation to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. Examples of real-world automation include robotic process automation, autonomous vehicles, industrial robots, and smart home devices. However, designing these systems requires extensive real-world testing to identify potential problems. Worlds make that possible virtually.

Worlds is an AI platform for real-world automation, building live digital twins of real-world operations. It captures ground-floor processes and transforms them into a live data stream. Using AI and IoT sensors in the digital twin, it identifies critical real-time variations that may cause inefficiency, lower production, or unsafe environments.

A live digital twin is a real-time virtual replica of a physical asset, product, or system connected to the physical world through sensors and other data sources. It enables businesses to monitor, analyze, and optimize the performance of physical assets and systems in real-time.

Customers can envision and automate their procedures in a manner that releases significant untapped potential. The platform leads to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved decision-making.

Worlds exists in the physical realm under the leadership of three co-founders: CEO Dave Copps, CTO Ross Bates, and President Chris Rohde. It has raised $38 million in three funding rounds from seven investors since 2018. Their latest funding was a Series A round on January 3, 2023.

Telehealth platform Sonara in Dallas

The opioid epidemic in the United States refers to the widespread misuse and addiction to prescription and illegal opioids, including fentanyl, heroin, and oxycodone. The epidemic has increased overdoses, deaths, and significant social and economic consequences. To address this crisis, various medications, including methadone, have been used as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help individuals overcome opioid addiction.

However, methadone adherence can be challenging as it has complex dosing requirements. Sonora Health seeks to make that more accessible and convenient for patients.

Sonara Health has developed a telehealth platform aimed at ending the opioid epidemic. It provides a medication adherence ecosystem for methadone-based treatment for opioid use disorder.

The platform features a patented, tamper-aware medication monitoring system that improves patient retention and satisfaction in opioid treatment programs. Sonara Health works with patients and their care teams to deliver a more sustainable treatment.

Sonara’s medication adherence labels fit all standardized liquid methadone bottles dispensed by opioid treatment programs. Meanwhile, the clinician app enables patients to record themselves taking their medication according to a schedule assigned by their care team. These videos are stored in Sonara’s HIPAA-compliant repository for review by the patient’s care team.

The app provides care teams with information about their patient’s treatment process outside the clinical setting. Sonara Health provides clinicians with a wealth of data to develop better, more personalized treatment plans.

Sonora Health is under the leadership of CEO and co-founder Michael Giles. It has raised a total funding amount of $5.3 million in two rounds from three investors since 2020. Their latest funding was a Seed round raised on October 4, 2022.

One of top Dallas companies, Sojo is a short-term rental platform

The short-term rental industry has seen significant growth in recent years, estimated to be worth over $36 billion in the US. Globally, the market size was $115.9 billion in 2020, expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2021 to 2028. With the average daily rate in the US at $160 in 2021, that’s a lot of stays. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work for owners to keep these properties in guest-ready condition. Sojo helps them out.

Sojo is a technology-enabled platform that provides in-home accommodations for the short-term rental industry. Its unique technology solution automates in-home guest amenities and accommodations, making it easier for hosts to manage their operations.

By automating the kitting and delivery of amenities to rental properties, Sojo streamlines turn-day amenities for the vacation rental industry. This includes the bathroom, laundry, kitchen amenities, pantry stock, maintenance items, and guest gifts.

Using Sojo is simple. First, hosts can connect their reservation calendar to automate the delivery of amenities on their turn days. Sojo integrates with every significant reservation platform to ensure seamless connectivity.

Secondly, hosts can choose from a catalog of quality, eco-friendly products and customize their product packaging for a unique guest experience. Each kit is customizable to suit any property the host owns. Sojo’s bathroom amenity kits start at $3, making it an affordable option for hosts.

Sojo offers several benefits to its users. These include a 99% on-time delivery guarantee, a dedicated account manager, onboarding training for staff, and pay-as-you-go terms. Hosts can be up and running in a week, making Sojo a quick and easy solution.

The platform helps streamline the operations of short-term rental hosts and provides a better experience for guests. Under CEO and co-founder Maxwell Farley and CTO Thomas Finney, Sojo has raised $11.2 million since 2020. Its latest funding was a Venture-Series Unknown round on January 12, 2023.

Dallas fintech company Yendo

Car ownership in the US is widespread as cars are most Americans’ primary mode of transportation. About 91.5% of US households have access to at least one car. While the number of cars per household varies, about 58% of households own two or more cars. That means most households have access to funds when needed. That’s where Yendo comes in.

Yendo offers a unique credit solution that allows individuals to borrow against their vehicles, with interest rates of 24.99% and loan amounts of up to $10,000. Unlike traditional credit products that rely heavily on credit scores, Yendo’s credit decisions depend on modern technology.

As a result, Yendo’s product is significantly cheaper than non-bank financial products that Americans typically spend $45 billion on yearly. They can save as much as 95% on loan servicing with Yendo.

To apply for Yendo’s credit solution, users can complete the pre-approval process online in just a few minutes. Once pre-approved, users must submit an application through the Yendo app. The required information includes photos of their car and title to verify ownership and condition.

After verification and receipt of the title at one of Yendo’s 93,000 partner locations, users will get a Yendo credit card. This step-by-step process is user-friendly and straightforward, guiding users through activating their credit cards remotely.

Users can build credit and work towards a stronger financial future by making payments on their Yendo credit card. Yendo’s innovative credit solution provides individuals with an accessible and affordable way to borrow money, with the added benefit of building credit over time.

Yendo is under the leadership of co-founders CEO Jordan Miller and CTO Daniel Ashy. The company has raised $68.5 million in two funding rounds from 10 investors since 2021. Its latest funding was a Debt Financing round on April 26, 2022.

Going Big With Dallas Companies in 2023

Texas has a reputation for being larger than life. These 14 Dallas companies are certainly making their mark in the tech scene. These startups have attracted top talent and investment, so we can expect big things to happen in the Dallas tech community.

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