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Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

The pandemic hit the country worse than a super typhoon. A lot of establishments are temporarily closing, and small businesses are on edge. With this, should you stop your marketing efforts? Short answer, no. During this uncertain time, you should make the proper choices such as devising an excellent digital marketing strategy.

Let us begin with a few digital marketing metrics and ecommerce statistics before the pandemic hit the world. RetailDive stated that 87% of buyers search for products on digital channels while businesses that get to be on the first page of search results get 92% of consumer traffic.

With these numbers, it is safe to conclude that people rely on the Internet when shopping for products and services. They type what they need and read reviews before they purchase. That is why many businesses, may it be small, medium, or large, invest in digital marketing.

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With COVID-19 pandemic terrorizing the health and safety of our society, people are highly encouraged to stay at home. Confined in our homes with nothing much to do, people turn to the Internet. For that very reason, startups should start upping their digital presence. How? Read on.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy and How Can it Help Your Startup?

Digital marketing is a new and innovative approach to marketing. It leverages the popularity and convenience of the Internet to reach a broader scope of audience, surpassing print and media.

Businesses enforce marketing in digital marketing channels such as social media platforms, search engines, emails, websites, and others. It has endless possibilities and is much more flexible than traditional marketing.

It is through digital marketing that businesses can introduce and advertise their company, products, and services at minimum cost. The cost-effective feature and high feasibility make digital marketing the perfect marketing game plan for small businesses.

However, the escalating advantage of digital marketing is accompanied by its popularity among small to large businesses. Which means, the current digital marketing field is a fierce competition.

As a startup, you will need to double your efforts and strengthen your digital marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketing Strategies and Tips

There is no perfect strategy when it comes to digital marketing. Everything will depend on the trends and how people follow these trends. However, there are specific guidelines on how to create a digital marketing strategy that you can follow and revise along the way.

Use Digital marketing to solve a problem

Many are fond of a hero story, while others are subconsciously acknowledging this. Marketers find a hero story very compelling. You find out what the problem is and target that problem to present a solution.

This problem should be prevalent among your customers. Once you’ve identified the problem, suggest ways to solve it.

Get to know your Target Customer

If you approach a master marketer and ask for advice, one of the things that they will be asking you will be who your customers are. If you say everyone, you need to prepare yourself for a lengthy discussion.

There is no such thing as targeting everyone as your client. Even large companies narrow down their target market. By identifying your market, you will discover the most cost-effective and efficient ways to focus your marketing efforts. You will understand what your customers need and how to meet them.

If not, you will end up advertising to the wrong people.

Create value for customers

Let them see why your product or service is something they would want to buy or sign up for. How can you give the utmost benefit from what you are offering your customers?

Let us use skydiving as an example. A lot of people have an innate fear of heights or falling, that is why skydiving is something that they would not want to do. The thought of falling off thousands of feet above ground is terrifying. But then here comes simulated skydiving. It is much safer but equally refreshing.

Here is an example content copy of an infographic from an indoor skydiving facility in Miami:

“Indoor skydiving allows a flying thriller to do all the things that a skydiver does.

It provides the full experience of free-falling in a safe environment without danger of a long drop and bad weather.”

You will see that customer experience is the top priority in this infographic copy. They present the problem which is the innate fear of people then offer a solution, which in this case is indoor skydiving. They give value by highlighting what customers can benefit from a full skydiving experience similar to real-life skydiving.

Choose the right platform

Once you have an in-depth knowledge of your business and a comprehensive understanding of your target market, you need to identify the perfect platforms to house your content.

The tone and voice vary for different platforms. Facebook has a semi-formal yet casual tone. It is best to post ads, services, and office culture on Facebook. Instagram has a more relaxed and fun vibe. Since Instagram is gaining more and more traction among users, businesses take advantage of posting positive work culture on the platform.

The most formal and professional sounding platform is LinkedIn. This platform is most useful for B2B companies wherein they can post their excellent blog content and achievements.

Find out who you want to reach and adjust your content according to which platform you are posting.

Consider video marketing

Video content marketing is not a brand-new idea. It has been in the industry for quite a long time but is gaining more and more attention nowadays because it is present in every platform and channel.

The current attention span of people is shorter than that of a goldfish. Meaning, we are easily distracted, easily bored, and could hardly focus our attention on one content alone. You can’t keep someone reading your content without a powerful hook at the beginning, and your post can’t hold anyone’s attention if it is dull and uninteresting.

Video can do more than grab attention and increase engagement. It is a very versatile marketing tool. Human as we are, we are more inclined to visual content. If a video is remarkable itself, it will stay in the minds of viewers, making your brand and your product memorable.

You can choose from different marketing video types such as demo, brand, event, expert, educational, explainer, or even animated videos. The possibilities are endless.


Marketing is ever-changing. It has gone a long way from print to digital. There is no perfect formula for marketing, all you can do is be observant and stay up to date of every trend and every situation.

No matter what the situation is, marketing is an aspect of your business that you should never ignore as a startup. Because marketing builds your business presence, without it, your business will be pushed behind the minds of people.

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