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Email Marketing Strategies for Success

Digital marketing shows no signs of dying as most businesses continue to leverage its multiple facets. Email marketing, for one, is greatly effective as a digital marketing strategy and for many reasons. Today, we’ll learn more about email marketing and how to use it to pave a path to success.

In today’s digital world, it’s fairly easy to reach people online. This comes as an advantage for many businesses to expand their marketing efforts through digital platforms. And thus, the birth of digital marketing.

While we could trace back digital marketing to when the radios were used for promotions, the landscape is different today. Digital marketing, nowadays, deals with activities that encompass promoting and selling products or services in various digital channels. This is done through careful understanding and execution of relevant strategies.

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Speaking of strategies, there are multiple ways to approach digital marketing today. One that comes to mind would be social media marketing or SMM. As almost half the world’s population uses social media today, it’s an obvious avenue for business marketers to penetrate.

Moreover, content marketing has also been on the rise. You can rank on blogs, videos, pages, and podcasts on search engines through SEO. Through the use of high-volume keywords and SEO principles, businesses can attain visibility on search engines.

Nowadays, more businesses are leaning towards strategies that put customers at the center of their operations. Reaching out to customers would give better insight into product or service development. One of these strategies is email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

In essence, email marketing incorporates commercial messages on strategically broadcasted emails to a group of people. Sending advertisements or promotions to potential or existing customers is basically email marketing.

One major advantage of email marketing is that it helps solidify customer retention. By carefully advertising to a known group, it’s easy to reach out to them and know what they want. This way, you’ll be able to develop your products and services according to your customers’ pulse.

However, the job in itself isn’t enough. You need to continuously apply relevant techniques and strategies to successfully carry out your campaigns. Today, we’ll get to know more about these helpful email marketing strategies.

Top 9 Email Marketing Strategies for Success

In digital marketing, strategies are vital. With the volatile algorithms matched with unpredictable customer preferences, it’s easy to get lost. But keep in mind the things you can do that will lead you in the right direction. Here are some examples of effective email marketing strategies.

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Determine your audience

Knowing your audience is paramount to an effective marketing campaign. This is also an important foundation of email marketing since it guides you through creating a message. Particularly, this marketing message will represent your brand and what you do. So, make sure that you identify who your target audience is to produce consistent messaging.

There are multiple ways to get to know your audience. It could be through creating a buyer persona which is a semi-fictional profile that represents your target customer. You could also configure your email subscription list by asking customers some details that could be useful for marketing. Such details may include age, gender, daily time spent online, and more. Ultimately, the goal is to get to know them and use that information to curate your marketing message.

Identify and plan your marketing goals

In this context, you should identify your objectives for your marketing campaign. Will you be promoting your product or service? Do you want to give discounts? Are you aiming to get referrals? Is your goal solely to give awareness of a new product? Ask these and some other questions that apply.

Once you have the answers to those questions, start planning how you will execute the email campaign. To whom will these emails be broadcasted? What type of responses will you be collecting? Based on those responses, what will be your action? It’s all about identifying SMART goals and appropriate actions that will follow.

Use email marketing tools

As an entrepreneur, keep an eye on technology and its benefits. Many businesses nowadays leverage software tools to improve their processes, marketing included. Today, marketers need email service providers with useful features such as automation and scheduling properties. This provides efficiency in performing the overall work from filtering, composition, and broadcasting.

Grow your email list

It should be one of your goals to grow your email list. One thing to do this is by providing an email portal online that people can access. Your website and social media pages are great examples of providing such visibility to your audience.

Although this is more of a step than a technique, its outcome could benefit your future campaigns. Why? Collecting a wider pool of customer data or information provides better insight into your target audience. Thus, this would help you develop your message effectively.

Segmentize your email list

Remember that note about getting to know your customers by asking them questions relating to demographics? That and an email marketing service should help you organize your email list based on their common denominators. This way, you can customize your marketing message to purposefully target your audience.

For example, you’re broadcasting emails to customers with varying levels of proficiency in software industry terms. You can separate those whose backgrounds are in software from others. This way, you can compose your email marketing content accordingly for them. On the other hand, you can also simplify your marketing message on emails directed at normal users.

Reward customer loyalty

As mentioned, one major advantage of email marketing is customer retention. Through this, you’ll engage closely with your customers making it easier to track their engagements with you. You can use such a metric as a factor to reward your customers. Give them discounts and offers exclusively through email to keep them engaged.

Cross-sell or upsell through email marketing

To generate more sales, you can cross-sell and/or upsell your products to your customers. Cross-selling is introducing a complementary product to what the customer is currently paying for.

For example, at Full Scale, we make it easier and more affordable for startup companies to hire software developers. In software development, a company needs a team to be more productive. We also have software testers, technical writers, and software managers ready to fill their roles in a development team.

Upselling is about offering upgraded or more expensive products than the customer wants or has. Let’s say you sell earphones and you have existing users in your email list; you may upsell by introducing a newer version of that product. This is where you upsell to the latest version of what you have.

Optimize your email content

One of the most challenging parts of email marketing is actually crafting the content. You will be faced with intricacies and doubts about whether the content will convince its reader to buy. Additionally, it should be short and captivating since around 85% of mobile users check emails through their phones.

Keep in mind some things that you need to consider to create fully-optimized email content.

  • Make the subject short and concise
  • Avoid using tables or multiple columns
  • Display captivating yet relevant images
  • Use normal sized fonts
  • Incorporate a Call to Action

Hire content writers

What better way to save you from all the digital marketing stress than hiring professionals who know exactly what to do. Digital content writers rose in demand because of the need for effective and fully-optimized web content. These people are field experts so you can trust that they can perform this task alongside other aspects of digital marketing.

Did you know that Full Scale has a marketing team experienced in different online marketing areas, strategies, and tools? That is something that you can have, too. Most startup companies nowadays rely heavily on consistent digital presence, thus, the need for experts to help elevate their digital channels.

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