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How to Build a Podcast Brand

Never underestimate the power of a good podcast brand. This essential marketing front is your podcast’s face that could launch a thousand clicks. Today, we’ll get to know how you can improve your podcast brand and penetrate the competitive podcasting market!

Today, the podcast industry is growing further and is showing no signs of slowing down. Evidently, there are countless topics we encounter in our daily lives. Whether it’s professional, entertainment, self-help, or simply just to pass the time, there’s always a podcast you can listen to.

Currently, there are over 1.75 million podcasts in existence. These podcasts comprise the 43 million episodes of podcasts across the popular platforms in the interwebs. In the United States, at least half of the entire population listens to podcasts. Based on the same statistics, most of these users listen to podcasts when they’re at home. Twenty-two percent of the enthusiasts listen to podcasts while driving. Additionally, an average podcast listener tunes in to 7 shows per week.

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With this number of listeners, opportunity poses for individuals and organizations alike who want to penetrate the podcast market.

For newcomers who solely represent themselves, it’s a bit more challenging due to brand establishment. However, for businesses or companies that are venturing into the podcast industry, it could be a lot easier.

Why? Before engaging in different marketing ventures, most businesses should already establish their brand.. With this at hand, the podcast they’re building should already have a persona. It takes advanced strategies to improve the podcast brand further. Let’s learn some tips on how to build a podcast brand that sticks.

Build an Effective Podcast Brand

First of all, one must know how to create a podcast. This means that an organization should look into how the whole process is structured, from the technicalities to the content.

In this step, you should establish the concept of your podcast. Will you have guests for every episode? Do you want your podcast to have a setup similar to a lecture? Is your podcast going to be interactive? Will it be a mixture of different podcasting styles?

You should design how your podcast will be produced. This way, it is easier to build a strong podcast brand based on its structure. This may need to identify the genre, podcast topics, length per episode, artwork, format, and name.

Having these fundamentals put together in the first place can advance the strategy of creating and marketing your podcast brand.

Next, you’ll need to find a web tool to host your podcast. The best thing to do here is to find one where you can use embeddable versions of your podcast. This way, it’s easier to upload each episode across multiple platforms.

There are multiple sites available to host your podcast. Some of the most popular ones are SoundCloud, Liberated Syndication, Google Podcasts, AudioBoom, and PodOmatic.

Once you have these essential elements in check, it’s time to market your podcast!

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Market Your Podcast Brand

An exceptional podcast is nothing compared to a well-marketed one. To put it simply, no matter how good your podcast content is, failure in marketing would defeat its purpose. This is why you have to build a podcast brand that is not only unique but is also highly marketable.

In this sense, we’re talking about your brand identity and how consumers will receive and retain your product. This is all a part of a successful podcast marketing for companies. Here are tips for building a podcast brand so strong, your audience will keep wanting more!

Produce Quality Content

Content is king! You have to make sure that your brand as a podcast is a standard in itself. From deciding on what to call your podcast up to writing a setlist of topics for each episode, quality should be canon.

The essence of quality is it makes the podcast more interesting and engaging. Even just having catchy episode titles that strike a chord can automatically entice a person to listen. That should be followed with juicy content that would satisfy what the listener is looking for. If you lose an audience along the way, they’ll highly likely move on to the next podcast.

Find a Niche

We all love to do it but talking about everything under the sun is not that helpful when establishing a strong brand. You have to find a niche or concept that is both interesting and market-friendly.

This is especially useful for startups or business organizations alike. Following a concept makes it easier to narrow down the possible topics, target audience, and resources needed to produce the podcast. For businesses, you may already have established your brand so it’s easier for you to conceptualize that brand persona into a podcast.

Startup Hustle is one great example of a niche turned into a product. This podcast by Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson showcases different elements that go into operating startup companies. Additionally, they collaborate with experts in the field to discuss their startup journey.

Focus and Engage with Your Audience

After all, building a strong podcast brand is still marketing. It pays to know your audience. Over time, you will gain a following, so make sure to track your listener demographic.

With this in mind, make sure that your podcast host provides data on your streams; time, date, and other relevant information.. This helps you know your audience more. What are your most listened-to podcast episodes? Do they listen at specific times of the day? These are relevant to your marketing strategies. This way, you’ll get to entertain their preferences based on the data.

You can also use social media marketing to engage with your audience. Ask them what else they’d want to know about your industry. Answer the frequently asked questions. It’s these engagements that help retain audiences and bring in new ones into the conversation.

Talk About Your Company

Podcast listeners don’t only listen to receive information. Some of them listen because they’re also searching for possible engagements or opportunities. Make use of your podcast to advertise your startup or company!

So the next time you talk about things related to the products and services of your company, market! Milk those minutes by talking about your services or products that are relevant to the topic at hand. Take this opportunity to sell what you have and detail as much as possible how your listeners could acquire them.

Advertise Your Podcast

The best way to build a podcast brand is to simply advertise it. The deeper you penetrate the market, the more reach your brand will have. Along the way, you will incorporate important advertising principles to be successful!

Embed your podcast episodes to your blogs or websites. You can also make your podcast available across different streaming platforms. More so, you could even do paid advertising to broadcast your podcast to the right audience.

Becoming a successful podcast brand has its hurdles. But these things become easier when you know how to establish a good perspective and concept into it.

Full Scale founders Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson are no strangers to this gig. Aside from helping startup companies get fast and affordable software development help, they are also a force in the startup podcast industry with Startup Hustle.

Startup Hustle is a podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It now has more than five hundred episodes and is available across multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube!

You can also become a top podcaster by building a great podcast brand. If you’re not sure how to do it, we’re here to help. So whether it’s on software development or curating a podcast that sells, our founders can guide you..

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