How Do You Get Your Own TV Show

How to Start Your Own TV Show

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own TV show? It could be. But starting a TV show is no walk in the park. You need a lot more than a good camera, computer, and face value. Find out how Startup Hustle TV came to life and how the whole crew made it happen.

Pro tip: Don’t start a TV show! It sure is a lot of work, not only for you but for the whole crew.

Matt DeCoursey, CEO of a fast-growing software development company, Full Scale, and one of the creators of Startup Hustle TV, had this crazy idea to film a TV show or web series. They knew nothing about starting a TV show, but this stubborn team isn’t giving up. Matt and the crew want fellow entrepreneurs to know about their lives as successful entrepreneurs, their fruitful wins, and rough struggles.

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So, off they went; packed with a camera, phone, and computer. The team started filming the trailer, planning the content and pulled everything off. How did they do it? How do you start your own TV show?

The Creation of the Show Teaser

Teaser, trailer, whatever you may call it. This short video showcasing your show will get you one step closer to a successful start. The teaser is a glimpse of what the show will be about. It must be short but catchy. It needs to get people excited and hooked.

Remember the rumor running around the mill that people have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish? Well, that is not a rumor at all. A 2015 study showed that the average attention span of people dropped to 8 seconds, a second short from a goldfish which is 9 seconds.

With that, shorter videos are deemed better to retain attention. Marketing videos should not be more than two minutes.

However, you must carefully choose what you present. Since the purpose of the trailer is to “tease” the viewers of what you are offering, you must stay mysterious yet relevant. You want to introduce your show with restraint. Don’t give away the whole plot lines or you’ll risk losing the viewer’s interest.

The Startup Hustle TV trailer is a solid example of a compelling TV show teaser without giving too much information to the viewers.

Expect Not to Meet Deadlines

Deadlines are set so you can have everything ready on time. But that won’t be the case when you make a TV show. Who knew a two-minute clip can take so much time to film, edit, and polish?

According to some production professionals, it would take up to an hour and a half to edit a polished 1-minute video. That is just the editing. The filming is much worse because you will have dozens of takes to have the perfect angle, smooth lines, and clear audio.

Prior Planning

Prior planning prevents poor performance. Before you get into action, make sure that you communicate with your team properly. Have thorough brainstorming sessions with the team. Understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. You will benefit so much from this in the long run.

Sometimes You Need to Do Work on Your Own

Starting your own show is nothing like Hollywood. You don’t have people to yell at and say, “Cut! That’s a wrap.” You only have yourself and an intimate dedicated team. Don’t expect to have a big crew when you are tight on the budget.

On your very own production, plan to get your hands dirty with work. Even Matt DeCoursey, CEO and best-selling author, mops the floors himself and repainted the walls. You need to set up the place where you film. There should be natural lighting, reduced noise and echo, and ensure the background is not too distracting.

Gather a Dedicated Team

You can’t create a TV show on your own. It’s too much work and too much on your plate. You will surely need help. You don’t need a Hollywood crew, what you need is a talented team that will work perfectly with you.

Make sure that your team possesses the skills and talents you need. They can be professionals, amateurs, or those with high potential. As long as they can help you with the whole process, your crew will learn from experience along the way.

How do I Start My Own TV Show?

Again, making a TV show on your own is not easy. But if you are determined enough, just like the Startup Hustle TV crew, you will get there.

If you want to know more about creating a TV show and everything you need to know about entrepreneurship, you better stay tuned to the Startup Hustle TV. The program features stories of real entrepreneurs and how they faced the challenges of building a startup.