Livestream the Future of Entertainment

Are you up-to-date with the latest trends in gaming? eSports livestream is paving the way for a lot of business opportunities. Learn more about the eSports industry today. Read on!

Technology is gradually dominating the entertainment arena. Gone are the days that people solely depend on TV and radio as sources of leisure. The digital age has changed the way we watch big events. Whether we’re anticipating a new rocket launch into space, a popular artist performing, or the year’s grand Superbowl; there surely are cameras airing it live on the web.

Livestream accounts for the majority of viewership nowadays. And the gradual shift to digital media has dramatically accelerated when the COVID-19 pandemic canceled all event gatherings in 2020.

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Since then, we’ve witnessed a significant boom in home entertainment. Streaming services of all kinds were widely used to tide over a tumultuous time. Online streaming giant Netflix acquired their largest number of viewership during the pandemic surge, hitting just shy of 200 million active subscribers on their streaming platform. Other streaming networks like Amazon Prime and Hulu also saw a large increase in their numbers. Media hastily adapted to the digital platform as soon as stay-at-home orders were deployed. Needless to say, the video streaming market is bound for bigger things, already projected to reach over $149.24 billion by 2026.

eSports entertainment, in particular, is gaining even more momentum in the streaming sector. Competitive video gaming is rapidly becoming the fastest-growing sector in the entertainment industry. With more and more amateur gamers turning into professional gamers, is now a more populated niche. And with this, esports streaming is also shaping the future of live entertainment.

But before we discuss the future of esports, let’s first understand its full concept, how it came about, and where it’s heading.

What is eSports?


eSports refers to the competitive world of organized gaming tournaments. Yes, gaming is no longer a casual hobby for the young generation. In fact, kids and adults alike have taken a keen interest in the world of gaming. Because of the amazing tech innovations of single and multiplayer games, the number of people who are into video games has drastically increased through the years.

The eSports industry has evolved into a multi-billion business wherein investors have capitalized on people’s interest in the interactive gaming experience. Some of the most popular online games earning millions in tournaments every year are Counter Strike, DOTA, Call of Duty, and Mobile Legends. These games rake in millions of dollars in prize money every year. Hence, being a pro gamer is suddenly one of the hottest careers today.

The rise of game fandoms has fueled this explosive trend. Gaming production companies have skyrocketed their sales in gaming merchandise and devices, as well as selling millions in ticket sales during big tournaments.

Likewise, game livestream has become equally vital in the success of the gaming world, not just for watchers but also for players. New developments in game tech have made use of livestreams to further enhance the experience.

But how exactly does a game stream work? Let’s find out.

eSports Livestream: How we watch games

Livestream is a type of online broadcasting that’s aired on an interactive platform. In eSports, this activity allows audiences to interact with their favorite gamers on a personal level. On top of that, they can manipulate their game viewing based on the platform’s viewing feature. With the emergence of large fandoms, streaming platforms such as Twitch have become the biggest online marketplace that’s introducing a whole new method of broadcasting.

So, what makes livestreaming so important? Well, for one, it benefits both audiences and gamers. These are the main purpose of game streaming.


It’s no surprise that the real entertainment value of games is watching the pros showcase their unique talents and techniques. The eSports web community endorses the love of gaming as a hobby and a viable professional career. And livestreaming happens to cultivate this modern gaming culture.

The fun part about livestreams is that audiences don’t just get to watch on the sidelines, but interact with the players too. The two-way communication of livestreams fosters a dynamic relationship between the streamer and viewers. Through this, spectators can learn and get advice from the pros in improving their performance. On top of that, they can communicate with fellow players and further bond in the experience.


Professional gamers are the lifeblood of this business. Just like any sports athlete, gamers also have to train and create a game strategy to win. Thanks to advanced video broadcasting tech, gamers can improve their gameplay, and entertain their followers at the same time.

Pivan Interactive, for example, created technology that leverages AI and data analytics to help gamers analyze their opponents and their own performance. Pivan provides a tool that features Game Instant Replays, Real-time vitals data, Real-time map location, and more. These are all crucial study tools for pro gamers to level up their skills and improve the overall production quality of their games.

Into the Gaming Business

Now that you know about the future of eSports, the next question is how do you get involved in it?

No, you don’t actually have to become a gamer yourself to succeed in the industry. As a business owner, you can simply tap into the other aspects of this trade. For example, if you specialize in marketing, a lot of developing games need your services to promote their brand. It’s a stiff competition with several gaming companies vying for the top spot. Whether you’re into advertising or launching marketing campaigns, you’ll find a great demand in the business for those services.

Another point of entry is leveraging tech trends like Artificial Intelligence to enhance the gaming experience. This is a bit more complicated since game development is a whole other specialty in software. However, if you’re planning to pivot towards this field, now’s a great time! You can start by finding the right software developer for the job.

Whatever area you decide to tap into, you’ll need a guide in navigating this path. Tech and business experts can give you advice on how to pivot into a whole new industry.

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