Startup Hustle Welcomes New Guest Podcast Hosts

Startup Hustle is welcoming additional podcast hosts this coming August. After publishing more than 650 episodes, Startup Hustle wants to reach out to more startups than ever before. So, who are these new hosts? Read on to find out.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for content made for you? You’ve come to the right place. Startup Hustle was created to reach listeners with such interests. Whether it is about startups, investments, and entrepreneurship, you’re sure to find the answers you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about our future topics, then watch out for the new SHTV guest podcast hosts. But first, let’s trace our steps and learn more about Startup Hustle TV.

Get Started with Full Scale

What Startup Hustle is about

Startup Hustle is dedicated to creating content that will help entrepreneurs launch businesses. Since its inception, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson have talked about failing and succeeding in building startup businesses.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You have to have an amount of grit and willpower to go through challenges. Our hosts have been there and have dedicated themselves to help save other entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes.

Not only do the Matts share their own experiences, but they also reach out to other startup founders to talk about their journey. Whether it’s about lessons learned, growth, or failure, these entrepreneurs are committed to showing the realities of running startups.

Matt and Matt share the same experience as they built a software development offshoring company in the Philippines, Full Scale. The things they learned from building businesses equipped them with experience to help budding startups avoid potential pitfalls.

The Matts understand the struggle very well. Building businesses is not easy. And they’re here to help entrepreneurs learn how to weather through challenges.

Startup Hustle TV continues to share the struggles of the hustle. Joining the Matts are Lauren Conaway, Founder & CEO of InnovateHER KC, and Andrew Morgans who is the founder of Marknology. This makes it a show made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Startup Hustle started strictly as a podcast. Now, we’ve added a web series into YouTube and incorporated visuals to reach more entrepreneurs. Also, we welcome new guest podcast hosts into the roster. Now, what topics will these new guest hosts talk about?

New Podcast Hosts on Startup Hustle TV Starting August

The New Startup Hustle Guest Podcast Hosts

Startup Hustle always wants to keep things up-to-date and interesting. Surely, the episodes will explore new perspectives with the addition of a new set of guest hosts. Starting this August, these two podcast hosts will cover their takes on the hustle from their point of view. Let’s learn more about them.

Forward and Onwards to Entrepreneur Growth

If you’re looking for content about entrepreneurship growth then you’ll be excited with the addition of our new podcast host. Melissa Vincent is the Executive Director of Pipeline Entrepreneurs.

Melissa has 15+ years of experience in building and leading diverse companies. She helps entrepreneurs go through the startup lifecycle. Melissa is passionate about helping entrepreneurs which she channels through her work at Pipeline.

She shares our values in talking openly about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Especially, how to manage the successes and failures that are coupled with being a startup entrepreneur.

Pipeline Entrepreneurs is committed to building businesses that make a global impact. Starting from the community, the Members and Fellows create meaningful jobs. They make investments in the entrepreneurs and not the company.

With that, Melissa has the right experience and knowledge to talk about entrepreneurship growth. She will welcome a handful of guests and share her expertise on Startup Hustle podcast starting August 30 until September 3, 2021. Catch her in a week-long series dedicated to discussions about entrepreneur growth.

What’s Up in the Cannabis Industry

Curious about the Cannabis industry? Then we have the perfect podcast host for you. Heather Steppe, Co-Owner of KC Hemp Co., will be your gal.

Heather’s interest in the CBD industry is to search for alternatives to help cope with ADHD. As someone who suffers from ADHD, she was under conventional medications for years. Thus, she decided to use CBD. After being able to experience the benefits of using CBD, she also wanted to keep her twins off pharmaceuticals.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping people seek non-pharmaceutical alternatives. She advocates living a natural and holistic lifestyle. Heather hopes to share her personal testimony and educate others.

With her dedication and passion for helping others learn more about the cannabis industry, you will hear many interesting things. Join Heather as she welcomes additional cannabis expert guests onto the Startup Hustle podcast every Friday starting in August.

A Must-Listen Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Exciting Podcast Episodes Only at Startup Hustle

There’s no stopping Startup Hustle. Gain insights on how you will be able to grow as an entrepreneur. Learn more about the Cannabis industry. Whatever your challenges or interests are as an entrepreneur, Startup Hustle will have the episode for you.

With the addition of Melissa Vincent and Heather Steppe, the podcast will provide new stories, testimonies, experiences on success, and failures, and more. These experienced entrepreneurs never backed down from their challenges. The ones that lived to tell the real stories of entrepreneurship are here on Startup Hustle.

We have new Startup Hustle TV episodes coming every week. From discussions about money, software products, or even sales & marketing, we talk about anything related to startup entrepreneurship.

You can listen to our episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and on Youtube. Just search for Startup Hustle and browse through our informative library of podcasts curated just for you.

If you want to become one of our hosts, let us know. You can also suggest a guest or ask stirring questions about entrepreneurship.

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