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How to Set Up an Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Are you looking for a way to cut development costs and improve your software quality? Well, an offshore software development center just might be the answer to your dilemma. Teams of highly-skilled software developers that can efficiently support your company without draining your pockets. That unique team can be found at Full Scale.

We provide the best quality offshore software development service that any company will need. Made up of professional project managers and expert developers, Full Scale will help you to reach and exceed your goals.

What is ODC?

ODCs are becoming more popular for software development solutions due to their affordable developer rates and large available talent pool. Offshore software development services usually entail the creation and maintenance of software, project management, testing and migration, and technical or customer support.

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In most cases, companies hire in-house teams that may lack specialized skills but are paid at a high cost. This differs from an offshore extension which is a ready-built company that offers quality software development services at a lower cost. This is one of the main reasons why more and more companies are switching to offshoring.

All businesses have risks, we get it. But with the right offshoring team, its benefits can greatly outweigh the risks. Aside from being cost-efficient, ODCs may be more convenient than you think. Unlike in-house teams, offshore development companies are their own established entities, so you will be free of the burden of constantly managing them.

With ODC, you can think of your chosen team as your own employees. Have them work at an overlapping shift, follow your company’s culture, and even train them to your needs. By training them according to your preference, you can make sure that each member of the team is knowledgeable of your system which ensures quality results.

Another benefit of having an ODC is that you can own an efficient team with great talent without having to manage them and looking for a place to house them. Since ODCs are independent companies, they are equipped with the essentials of a company such as the HR team, management, and production team. You won’t need to manage your team of developers since the center’s project managers can do that for you. All they need are your ideas and your guidance. Also, the centers’ HR officers ensure that each member of the team possesses the right skills. Best of all, ODCs have their own equipment and infrastructure, ridding clients of the additional costs for offices and equipment.

Offshore Software Development Center Checklist

Since the demand for offshore development centers is rising, competition is also getting tough in the market. For business owners looking for quality service, it is getting harder to determine which service provider is the best in their selected field.

Businessman holds an Offshore Software Development Center Checklist.

To help you choose the right vendor to establish your offshore software development center, here is a list you can keep and check:

Skills and Knowledge

When choosing an offshore service provider, you need to determine which country offers the best quality service without draining your company’s pockets. Among other countries, the Philippines is one of the top outsourcing destinations for business processes along with India and Brazil. The country’s booming BPO industry has led universities to offer training programs that cater to workforce demand.

Work History

How do you know that you are entering a partnership with a good company? You listen to rumors. Well, not actual rumors. Ask their clients. When deciding on your ODC, you must first hear what other people have to say about the company. Reviews and interviews from clients are invaluable. Through these, you will gain more knowledge of the company, learn how they work, and discover the quality of service it provides. This knowledge enables you to make better-informed decisions.

Good Communication

Find an offshore company within a country with good communication to avoid the hassle of language barriers. There are a lot of countries in Asia, such as the Philippines and India, who are well versed in English. The workforce in the Philippines is composed of young educated individuals who are good English communicators. With this advantage, miscommunication is less likely to occur between the client and the vendor.


One of the risks of offshoring is the security of company files and information. In finding the right vendor to be your ODC, you need to make sure that the company is reliable when it comes to keeping confidential company and product information safe.

Why partner with Full Scale?

All the qualities of a good offshore software development center can be found here at Full Scale. Based in Cebu, Philippines, we hire only the best people in our team with specialized technical skills and expertise in the latest industry-standard technologies. We always make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work.

An overflowing pool of talent

This is the main reason why Full Scale built a team of service providers in the Philippines’ queen city, Cebu. The city is a great resource for unique and top talents who have received high-quality education.

Excellent track record

Full Scale has partnered with numerous companies that continue to be satisfied with the services rendered. Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson, the founders of Full Scale, are both successful entrepreneurs and are seasoned veterans in the software development business. Stackify and GigaBook are the proof of their business prowess.

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Secure and reliable

At Full Scale, we make sure that the information entrusted by our partners is kept safe and secure. Trust is one of our greatest values, that is why we make sure that the confidence that our clients give us is maintained.

Long-term partnership

We value trust among our clients because we are looking for long-term partnerships. We are not merely looking for clients to compensate us but we are searching for partners who will help us hone our skills and at the same time, receive the best return of their investment.

Start building your offshore software development center with Full Scale and let us be a part of your successful journey. Contact us today!