Overcoming Industry Scandals

Overcoming Industry Scandals

In this episode of Startup Hustle, Andrew Morgans and Daniel Schulof, CEO of KetoNatural Pet Foods talk about how to overcome industry scandals in the pet food industry as KetoNatural provides healthier food options for pets. 

Pet food companies are giving pets low quality food; not to mention the amount of carbohydrates that are included in a single serving. There is a direct correlation between the food you feed and potential health risks. Your pets have a specific diet they should adhere to for optimal performance, longevity, and nutrition. KetoNatural aims to supply better pet food without the constant lies.

Covered in this Episode

Over the years, many pet food companies supply a high volume of pet food into the market which are packed with carbohydrates. Daniel Schulof’s passion for healthier pet products helped create the KetoNatural Pet Foods brand. Backed up by research, David makes sure to help paw parents become more educated about pet nutrition. 

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Find out what Andrew Morgans and David Schulof have to say about the pet food industry and how to support overall nutrition for your pets.

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  • Daniels’ entrepreneurship journey (03:37)
  • The culprit of the dog obesity problem (10:40)
  • Reasons why carbohydrates are so common in kibble style pet food (13:02)
  • Where KetoNatural came from (15:11)
  • Options for feeding your dog (16:12)
  • The passion behind growing the brand (21:43)
  • Thoughts on the pet food industry and big brands. (24:33)
  • How David is introducing the brand, natural pet food. (26:37)
  • Marketing food products (26:48)
  • The pet food startup world (35:27)
  • Strategic plan for fast paced growth (36:05)
  • Automated marketing systems (38:10)
  • Low carb diet health benefits (40:39)
  • Top tips for those who are chasing passion projects (43:10)
  • The key to not hitting rock bottom (44:58)
  • How to process and push through challenges (50:28)

Key Quotes

Carbohydrates are the devil for dogs. 

Daniel Schulof

The best brands and the best products are made from a need, from solving a problem.

Andrew Morgans

Raw diets are unitized differently than a kibble. On a per calorie or a per meal basis, it’s like 5 to 8 times as much as the fanciest kibble that you can find.

Daniel Schulof

Good marketing is authentically sharing what you have to share.

Andrew Morgans
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