Popular Podcasts On Startups

Popular Startup Podcasts You Should Listen

In this digital era, information can be obtained anywhere. If you are preparing to build your startup, you can browse the internet and listen to a startup podcast. But what podcast should you hear? In this article, we created a list of popular podcasts about startups that you can choose from.

Podcasts are continuously rising in popularity since its conception. As of 2019, there are an estimated 144 million Americans above the age of twelve who have listened to a podcast. A number that validates that the podcasting industry is thriving quite well.

A lot of Americans are listening to podcasts because of the convenience it gives them. Podcasts are accessible anytime and anywhere. You can simply stream it online or download it to listen to later.

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Aside from its comfort, podcasts are very informative. A lot of industry experts, like startup founders and leaders, leaned to podcasting to share advice, stories, and tips. As a startup founder, these podcasts can be of great help. Now the dilemma comes in. The internet has over 700,000 active podcasts of different topics. Read on and browse through our list of startup podcasts.

Popular Startup Podcasts

Startup Hustle

What is a better business podcast to listen to, but a show hosted by successful entrepreneurs themselves? Startup Hustle is a business podcast hosted by Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson; two entrepreneurs hailed from Kansas City. These businessmen are the founders of a lot of successful businesses, one of which is Full Scale, a software development company that aims to help startups scale up their business.

The Matts sympathize with the struggle and unpredictable turns of building a startup; they’ve been there a lot of times to know the ropes. So, the duo launched Startup Hustle in December 2017. Each podcast episode features a startup founder who shares their inspiring stories. The hustle talks about how startup leaders and founders started their business, the struggles they encountered being a startup, and the success of overcoming all the challenges.

Startup Hustle is the best startup podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs since it is engaging, entertaining, casual, and exceedingly informative. You get to listen to real startup leaders that you can relatively connect to being a startup founder yourself.

Full Scale Startup Hustle Podcasts

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale is a top-rated podcast with a formidable host. This business and finance podcast show is hosted by Reid Hoffman, the CEO, and co-founder of LinkedIn. Masters of Scale is good for tech startups. Though technical, it does deter non-technical founders. Hoffman often asks questions that his general audience with a good grasp of business can understand, even without a technical background.

Masters of Scale has opened its doors to a lot of big names in the industry. Most of these guests are successful startups that are now forerunners in their respective industries. Hoffman has interviewed Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Reed Hastings of Netflix.

These guests are notable figures who shared a lot of tips, advice, and stories of struggle that listeners can learn from. Not to mention that Hoffman himself has his own success stories. He shares useful information from his own experience as a co-founder of a successful social network that served a lot of businesses and individuals worldwide.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show has ranked #1 a couple of times on all of Apple Podcasts on the business category. If not, this business podcast is one of the top podcasts in Apple Podcasts. The show is hosted by, well, Tim Ferriss who is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker.

The podcast only has 400 million downloads, not much (note the sarcasm). It must be a great source of information on the business industry. Being a sought-after motivational speaker, Tim Ferriss shares to his listeners some guides and advice on unorthodox techniques of performing at their best. Not only that, his show features guests who are business superstars. Tim Ferriss has interviewed Reid Hoffman, Jamie Foxx, LeBron James, Whitney Cummings, Neil Gaiman, and other distinguished people.

How I Built This

Isn’t that a catchy name for a podcast? Not only is it memorable, but it is also a popular business podcast in Apple Podcasts. Started in September 2016, How I Built This has become a popular go-to show for startups. Guy Raz is the host behind the show, a co-creator of three NPR programs. The podcast has more than 14 million listeners around the world each month

Just like the podcasts mentioned above, This podcast shares tips and advice that can help startups on their path to business success. Guy Raz interviews founders and innovators behind top-notch companies. Each episode takes listeners to the guests’ journey of beginnings, battles, failures, and triumphs. At the end of every episode, listeners are left with great insights and inspiration to manage their own startups.

What Startup Podcasts Should You Listen To?

All these business podcasts are prodigious in their own way. They have their own strengths and advantages, but they have one thing in common, they provide useful information for startups. Podcasts are very accessible and convenient. You don’t need to choose which podcast you should listen to, you can always opt to listen to all of them.

Building a startup is hard, but with the right leadership and research, you scale up your startup. If you are in the stage where you see yourself ready to scale up your startup, you will need a mentor or an expert to guide you along the way. You can speak with the duo behind the success of Full Scale, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. Full Scale can help you scale up your business and kickstart your success. Talk to us now!

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