startup hustle new hosts

Startup Hustle Welcomes New Set of Hosts

Since its inception, Startup Hustle has focused on helping entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of the business. After more than 350 episodes and over one million lifetime downloads, Startup Hustle welcomes a new set of entrepreneur hosts to liven the show even more. Who will be hosting along with the Matts? Let’s find out.

Startup Hustle Podcast

Startup Hustle is the brainchild of successful entrepreneurs Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. For almost two years to date, Startup Hustle shines a light on networks of startups in Kansas City and beyond. The podcast reaches listeners with diverse interests in startups, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and investment.

“And we’re back!” is Matt DeCoursey’s signature intro on the podcast. This statement is like a mantra. Every episode of Startup Hustle is an exciting journey of discussion with various startup leaders. Each guest shares both the failures and successes of building a startup and the lessons learned along the way.

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Through time, Startup Hustle has made significant progress in building a growing audience of loyal listeners. Who would believe it would reach this height of success after only about two years of its existence?

Looking at statistics, it is unarguable that the Startup Hustle is surely hustling in the podcast scene. The Startup Hustle podcast is in the top 50 for entrepreneurship and at the top 200 for business podcasts on Apple. Moreover, It has over 600,000 unique yearly downloads and is listened to in over 160 countries. Even with these numbers, Matt and Matt want to provide more for their listeners. To widen the scope and expand to more topics, the podcast is welcoming new entrepreneur hosts from different backgrounds, businesses, and industries.

But before we get right to the new hosts of Startup Hustle, let’s get to know the OG Startup Hustle hosts: Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson.

Startup Hustle OG

Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson are not your typical entrepreneurs. This duo is the founding team of Full Scale, a thriving offshore outsourcing software development center. While the podcast is a mining resource for amateur entrepreneurs, Full Scale aids startups who are taking the first step in scaling their business by helping them build software teams, quickly and affordably.

Matt DeCoursey has the Midas touch. From an extra bedroom with an $8000 credit card limit, he created multiple companies. His extensive knowledge gained from experience in doing and managing business turned him into somewhat of a guru in entrepreneurship.

What’s more inspiring about Matt DeCoursey is his willingness to share his wisdom with other entrepreneurs by authoring three books on entrepreneurship: Balance Me, Million Dollar Bedroom, and The Realist’s Guide to a Successful Music Career.

Matt Watson has also built success as a business owner and entrepreneur. Watson is a master programmer and loves code. At the age of 22, he built his company Vin Solutions and made his first million after selling the company for $150 million.

Matt and Matt understand how hard it is for entrepreneurs to climb their way to the top from the ground up. They understand how difficult it can be starting out if you have no prior knowledge of how to manage a business and successfully navigate the peaks and valleys that lie ahead.

For this very reason, Matt and Matt created Startup Hustle, a podcast for entrepreneurs. They want to help early-stage startups find their path in business and guide them along the way.

startup hustle podcast hosts

The New Startup Hustle Hosts

Startup Hustle will be welcoming two new hosts to the show. Each host will be doing a weekly podcast on various, relevant topics. These entrepreneurs were once guests on the show, which means they are startup owners themselves. Read on to learn more about them.

Lauren Conaway, Innovate the Modern Businesswoman

Our first and only female host for Startup Hustle is Lauren Conaway, the founder, and CEO of InnovateHer KC.

A lot of women are currently gaining the spotlight in the business industry. We are hearing names like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, and Irene Rosenfeld, who is the chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International.

The emergence of successful female entrepreneurs in public media has inspired aspiring women entrepreneurs to venture into business. However, the business community that is mostly dominated by men can both intimidate and hinder women entrepreneurs.

Lauren Conaway thought of a way to address this dilemma by creating a community of female entrepreneurs. InnovateHer KC is becoming a platform for women in Kansas City to speak their minds and ideas freely. Lauren and InnovateHer KC aim to promote diversity and advance the professional goals of women in the Kansas City area, to help pave the way for fellow women to spread their wings and soar.

Lauren’s passion for helping women from different industries and backgrounds now transcends to the airwaves. As a Startup Hustle host, her episodes will focus on the stories of female entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders.

Andrew Morgans, the Strength of E-commerce

The next Startup Hustle host is the founder of Amazon brand accelerator Marknology, Andrew Morgans.

Andrew Morgans started as an e-commerce manager, and then he came upon the Amazon platform. Amazon has changed the traditional brick and mortar business. The platform altered shopping patterns, customer expectations, and the overall competitive landscape of retail. It became a total hit for a lot of small resellers and customers.

Andrew thought of freelancing, focusing on helping sellers launch their products on Amazon. Then he created a system that enables users to launch multiple products on Amazon.

Due to Amazon’s popularity, or even the e-commerce industry in general, a lot of online sellers are flocking to the online marketplace platform. With hundreds of sellers, the competition gets fiercer and wilder. How can you capture your target market?

Well, Andrew Morgan has been in the industry for a couple of years now. His background in technology and, at the same time, exposure to marketing gave him leverage in adapting to the e-commerce evolution. One of the successful brands that his company launched on Amazon is Landlocked, a clothing brand that many Kansas Citians recognize.

With his extensive knowledge in Amazon and e-commerce, Andrew Morgan’s episodes will be focused on the tools and strategies necessary for producing online, e-commerce, and Amazon related success.

A Podcast by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

The Startup Hustle Podcast started with two incredible entrepreneurs who wanted to use their knowledge and experience to help and educate others.

Now, with two more entrepreneur-leaders added as hosts, it’s an even more exciting time to be a part of the startup world and we look forward to sharing more of the stories, experiences, successes, failures, and expert advice from those who live and breathe entrepreneurship. #jointhehustle

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