Why Your Backstory Matters

Start a Startup: Your Backstory Matters

A lot of entrepreneurs launch a startup to disrupt and become successful. Each entrepreneur’s story is unique and, sometimes, it’s what creates magic along the way. So before stepping in, take some time to step back and look at what inspired your startup journey.

“Business is hard,” starts Full Scale co-founder Matt DeCoursey on the pilot episode of Startup Hustle TV.

Indeed, it’s not easy to launch a business. “Starting a business is even harder,” he adds. Struggles and challenges are a common running theme among entrepreneurs. Whoever said that it’s easy is either lying or just haven’t been in the field for a long time. Failures and obstacles are always bound to happen. However, this should not be a discouragement for one to start a startup business.

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How to Start a Startup

One of the challenges an aspiring entrepreneur encounters is starting a business. This is not yet about gathering all the resources, hiring employees, or looking for an office space. Most struggle to define the nature of the business. What is the business about? Who are you building a product for? Is there a need for such business?

Realistically, it is expected to ask such questions to refine completely what you want. It takes research, experience, and most of all, time. For those who are lucky, they’ll meet that “Eureka!” moment sooner than others. And some are still looking for it, else, they had already given up.

On a positive note, being an entrepreneur shouldn’t mean that you have to do things alone. Yes, you may wear different hats at the same time but more heads work better than one.

Why collaboration helps…

One common mistake an entrepreneur makes is the belief that they have to do things alone. That is completely not true. A little help, whether it’s for funding, mentorship, or founding a business goes a long way.

Full Scale co-founder, Matt Watson has already sold a business for 150 million dollars and is no stranger to the tech startup industry. His company, Stackify, was only looking for more software developers since there was a developer shortage in the US. At that time, Matt DeCoursey was already building GigaBook with developers from the Philippines.

DeCoursey tells that the original plan was to help Watson ramp up the Stackify team in terms of developers. And for some sensible happenstance, they realized that there’s a huge demand for software developers in the United States. So, the two collaborated to create Full Scale, one of today’s fastest-growing companies in the Philippines.

That was their “Eureka!” moment. It’s that backstory that inspired Full Scale’s brand message which is to provide fast and affordable software development services. Watson refers to the idea as an “accidental business”.

Speaking of accident, one of our Startup Hustle TV hosts Lauren Conaway says her business also started the same way. InnovateHer started out as little get-togethers to connect female business leaders. Eventually, it grew to become a 3400+ women’s leadership community in Kansas City, Missouri.

Marknology’s Andrew Morgans also deem his business as accidental when he discovered the potential of his freelance jobs. His company helps accelerate its clients’ product visibility on Amazon. Currently, he runs Marknology with his family. He says that if there wasn’t anyone who believed in him, he wouldn’t have accomplished anything he has now.

Why do these backstories matter?

The simplest answer is that you can always look back at why you started. At the beginning of this article, we explained how doing business is challenging. These challenges may discourage and, sometimes, demoralize entrepreneurs from moving forward. However, backstories that answer how and why you started should inspire you to never give up.

Matt DeCoursey, Matt Watson, Lauren Conaway, and Andrew Morgans are testaments that doing your business’ purpose matters. Their backstories are the foundation of each of their companies that have helped so many people, clients, and customers. And now, they’re going to help you, too.

These folks know what it’s like to navigate the startup world. So, they joined forces to present Startup Hustle TV—a series of videos for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Each episode will give you a general insight into the fundamentals all the way up to the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship. Catch Startup Hustle TV episodes on the Startup Hustle YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe to get the newest episodes!