Do These Preparations Before Starting to Hire A Programmer

Every Startup’s To-Do List Before You Hire A Programmer

It’s better to be fully prepared before you hire a programmer. The recruitment process can be frustrating and may even end in failure if you don’t know what to do. Thus, take note of these tips, and use them before you start looking for the right programmer.

Picture this: your startup is doing well despite the pandemic. Existing clients are satisfied with your work. And more projects are coming in.

But there are not enough programmers to handle them. So you’re scrambling to hire a programmer in the least amount of time.

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Here’s the problem: how do you make sure to hire the right one? Even when you have a limited time, you can’t just hire anyone who walks into your door. Now, this is where our list comes in handy.

We compiled some tips and tricks in preparation for your hiring process. Through these, you’ll have a guide during recruitment to make it easier and faster. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Hire A Programmer Without Stress with These 8 Tips

It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. This is a wordplay on the famous idiom, and it’s relevant to your hiring situation. That is why you should utilize these tips below as a guide before starting the process of hiring a programmer.

1. Work on a hiring profile

Produce objective-based criteria that you can use to screen applicants efficiently. Find out what your business needs at the moment. Ask yourself relevant questions, such as:

  • What are your business goals right now?
  • What are the problems that need solutions?
  • What possible challenges will the new hire face upon onboarding?
  • What skillset does the applicant need to conquer the potential challenges?
  • How much is your budget for the recruitment? Will I need to take out a business loan to support the expenses?
  • What are must-have skills that an applicant should possess?
  • Are there additional nice-to-have skills that should be considered?

After answering these questions, the next step is to cross-reference them with other determining factors. For example, checking into the nature of work helps establish the relevant strengths, experience, and characteristics of an ideal candidate.

2. Establish the position’s scope and responsibilities

Create a realistic job description to hire a programmer that fits your goals and objectives. How? Think about the person’s scope of tasks and responsibilities within the team.

It will also clear out whether you need to hire a full-time programmer or a software development partner. The process also helps you determine whether you need a specialist or a generalist. Moreover, it will help you find programmers in the right places.

3. Streamline your hiring criteria

Everyone may have differing opinions on what a good hire looks like. That is why you should make sure that people in the team are on the same page.

Together, create a unified list of characteristics that an ideal candidate should possess. Also, consider the priorities of the team that needs to be fulfilled given the timeframe and budget.

Hence, before posting the job ad, have a huddle with the team. With everyone’s input, a clear decision-making process is laid out beforehand.

4. List down potential questions for the interview

Contrary to what most people believe, the interview is a two-way process. Interviewers gauge the applicant’s suitability for the position. On the other hand, the interviewees evaluate the company’s goals and culture, and whether it resonates with them.

That is why the hiring manager should have a list of potential questions prepared. This does not only ensure that the interview will go smoothly. But, it will also give a positive brand impression on your applicant.

To-Do List of Startups Before You Hire A Programmer

5. Think of soft skills to consider

Yes, technical skills and relevant experience are priorities. But you should also consider soft skills when evaluating an ideal applicant.

Therefore, consider some of these traits of great programmers:

  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to collaborate with the team
  • Openness to continually learn
  • Passion for programming
  • Ability to handle stress

After all, completing a project does not solely depend on a person’s technical skills. It’s also based on how well leaders and computer programmers work together for the bigger picture.

6. Involve one or more people during recruitment

To derive an unbiased hiring decision, let others partake in the recruitment process. Each of us has biases to some extent, and business owners are not exempted. That is why it is critical to have some checks and balances during the process.

To hire a programmer that realistically fits the bill, ask other stakeholders’ involvement. If you have business partners, try to schedule applicant screening with them. Or you can also ask a senior computer programmer from your team to conduct interviews with you.

7. Consider creating a real-life programming test

It means to give applicants a coding challenge patterned on a real-life problem. Instead of looking into tests from the internet, think of a practical exam that mimics your previous projects.

As applicants work on it, they get an idea of the projects your business handles. And you can evaluate how they fit into your team based on how they fare in the test.

8. Prepare a flexible job offer guide

Most qualified programmers are like a commodity in the talent market. And if you don’t act fast, competing companies can onboard them while you’re still deliberating your job offer. To rectify this situation, why not create a template job offer?

It entails your expectations for the hired candidate. The document defines the job description, onboarding requirements, and other employment details.

Remember to be straightforward with your needs and requirements. This way, the candidate can also consider all the factors before accepting the offer. The process saves you from hiring people and finding their resignation letters after a week due to differing expectations.

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Preparation is the Key in Hiring a Programmer that Fits your Requirements

Behind every successful hire is an in-depth preparation for recruitment. But don’t worry, you can use these tips to kickstart the process. Pay close attention to the details and avoid the nightmares of hiring programmers.

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