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Top 10 Side Hustles for 2020

The digital ether of cyberspace gives us convenience and a quick fix on making money. This is called side hustle. Many started with brilliant ideas that turned into side hustles and eventually transformed into a startup business. However, some people find it difficult to start. This article will explain the top ten side hustles that will help aspiring startup owners.

Having a hobby, passion, or interest can help you earn money. All you have to do is launch your side hustle that fits within your skills and interest.

Yes, unique talents and skills provide additional income streams. Other people were lucky enough to invest a sizable amount of time, money, and effort. In return, it provides them a fortune.

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When you are passionate about your niche, you are the perfect example of the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Thus, join the trend as the Web continues to provide enormous convenience and opportunities. Look for those big names in the industry, and be amazed that some just started as a side hustle.

What is Side Hustle?

Side hustle is making money alongside your main form of income, which is usually your day job. It is also called sideline that brings in cash as a supplemental income. Others call it side job or side income.

Despite the name variations, in general, it has something that you do or are passionate about other than your main job.

Most side hustles are gig-based or project-based that you commit in your free time or during day-offs from your 9-5 job. Thus, to succeed in side hustling, time management is the key.

In the next section, we will examine three ways to make time for your side hustle.

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Three Ways to make time for your side hustle

Side hustles are doable. It serves as an additional stream of income. However, before starting on what side hustle to focus on, search the Web first. Allocate time and do ample research before getting started.

On that note, here are three ways to make time for your side hustle. It might help you turn your side jobs into a relatively lucrative business.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique helps lessen procrastinations. It is a time management method developed by Francisco Cirillo.

Cirillo introduced this technique in the late 1980s. It addresses the problem of attention and retention. It creates sub-tasks with intervals. It uses a timer so that each sub-task is 25 minutes long, and a short break follows right after.

Join Fellow Aspiring Startup Owners

The idea of starting a business is exciting at the beginning. However, the journey becomes lonely and difficult. You can resolve this by joining a group of fellow aspiring startup owners.

Find these communities in social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Remember that experience is the best teacher. Join and keep on learning from the individuals that you meet along the way.

The most common issue tackled with these communities is multitasking. Get ideas on how to multi-task and how effective it is.

Offshore services

A side hustle is always a matter of cost versus time. As you progress with your niche, you need to outsource those tasks to lessen the burden. Condition your mind that to grow; you need to automate your business processes.

As businesses thrive in digital platforms, the need to establish an online presence is a must. Therefore, you must hire offshore companies that provide not just results but outcomes. This is relevant, especially if you are into hustle web-based projects.

Side Hustles and its providers

It’s a bit confusing but here’s the deal.

You need a side hustle, that if vetted, will allow you to make money no matter what time of the day. It is called passive income.

Then, there is an individual whose side job can help you monetize your side hustle.

In short, you accomplished your side hustle with the help of fellow side hustlers. This is how side hustling works, and if done properly, can gather a steady stream of clients. And in the long run, it allows you to earn six-figure-plus revenues annually.

Top 10 side hustles providers for IT startups

Web Developer

One way to establish your online presence is to build a website for your side business. Web developers must be skilled with HTML and CSS. These are markup languages used to build basic websites.

Additionally, developers with adept knowledge in JavaScript can build animation, interactive forms, and other dynamic features.

Web Designer

Web development is different from designing. Web designers focus more on layouts, aesthetics, and display.

In most cases, web developers are designers, too. This is a great advantage as they provide full service to new and aspiring startup owners like you.

SEO Engineer

You already have a robust and aesthetically pleasing website. Next, you need to optimize it to increase its traffic. SEO may sound easy, but you need experts with best practices keeping up with the latest SEO algorithms from Google.

Content Writer

SEO engineers work with content writers. Great website design is considered useless without great content. Remember, you need to market your products or services. The best way to convince your potential clients is through engaging content.

Look for content writers with excellent writing backgrounds and can deliver on time.

Social Media Manager

Social media offers a great opportunity to launch your business. And if you are not into it, you can hire a social media manager.

Most social media managers have copywriting skills and adept experience in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

QA Tester

A non-responsive website irks visitors, how much more a buggy one? A complete disaster, for sure. To avoid these events, you will need the help of a QA tester.

They are responsible for running tests on your website, web apps, or mobile app. They serve as your first users and perform cross-browser testing, functionality testing, and many more.

Mobile App Developer

There are instances where the mobile application is suitable for your business rather than a web application. Thus, you will need help from a mobile application developer.

This developer is knowledgeable in both iOS and Android development.

Graphic Designer

When building a website, you will need graphic designers to create banners, images, and graphics for your website and social media postings.

A skilled graphic designer is full of creativity. Make sure to hire a graphic designer that will not perform copy infringement as it might lead to legal problems later on.

Video Editor

Another way of establishing an online presence is to utilize video marketing. Make use of platforms like YouTube to market your product or services. Establish podcasts that will help gain followers and entice them to become your clients.

Hire video editors who can excellently render video recordings and are knowledgeable in YouTube marketing and podcasting.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are optional, but they are of great help once your business is growing. Find virtual assistants that are keen to details, excellent time management, and can multi-task for you.

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