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Top Five Web Hosting Services Today

Are you still stuck deciding which web hosting service to choose? We see the trend; businesses have to build their online presence today. But how? Here we will talk about which web hosting service is best for your business. Read on!

If you’re new to website building then website hosting might just be an idea for you. Well, what is it? Web hosting is a service that lets you publish your website or application on the worldwide web. Signing up for a website hosting service means that you are basically renting space on an actual physical server. Let’s try to make it simpler.

Imagine it like real estate. Web hosting is the land and your website is the house. You are basically renting space on a server where you can store files and data necessary for your website to work.

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This server is a computer that needs to run without interruptions. A web host makes sure that your server is up and running, maintains security, and transfers content to your audience. It is important to decide on a web hosting plan that fits your business needs. This is similar to a physical rental space; pay the rental fee to keep your website running.

Even when you’re not too techy, you can still launch and build your website. You just have to find the right website hosting provider that tailors to your needs. Surely, you have to know more about what you’re getting into. Now that you have an idea about what web hosting is, let’s try to dig a little deeper.

Who services your website?

Maintaining a website will need a team. Website hosts give you just that. They’re in the business of maintaining websites for those who need them. If you’re just starting your business, or not, these hosts provide you the tools you need to run your website. Website hosting companies maintain supercomputers so you won’t buy your own expensive equipment. They make sure that your website runs smoothly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

When you are looking for a website host you might get overwhelmed by the number of available options. Here are some of the things you need to consider in choosing the best hosting service for your website:

  • Available storage
  • Uptime vs. downtime
  • Loading Speed
  • Website Traffic
  • Privacy and Security
  • Payment methods
  • Content management system
  • Customer support

Why do you need to choose the best one to fit the kind of business? Is there really a difference?

Choosing the best Web Host, how?

Features like scripting support or getting a shopping cart infrastructure for your website will vary depending on your web hosting provider. You have to consider the features you need as this is an important factor in servicing your customers. You can choose between these four categories:

  1. Shared server – This is most commonly used for startups since this is the least expensive option out there. Shared hosting means that you are sharing one server with other websites. When you choose shared hosting to run your website there is a chance that it might slow down. Since you’re on a shared server, traffic surges from other websites will affect your website performance.
  2. Dedicated server – If website performance matters for you and your business, it would be a good idea to choose this type of website hosting. Here you will have dedicated server space. This option is usually a bit more expensive than a shared server.
  3. Cloud Hosting – This is probably the most reliable solution. Here, your website hosts a cluster of servers in one cloud-based server system. Basically, this is like a shared server but only using a virtual machine. If you’re looking for a server that offers scalability and flexibility this could be an option.
  4. WordPress – You might have heard about WordPress. In simpler terms, this type of hosting is designed and optimized for WordPress pages. If you’re a beginner, this will be a good option for you. You don’t have to be an expert in website security since WordPress has a pre-installed plug-in specifically for it. There are other inclusions as well like:
  • pre-designed WordPress themes
  • drag-and-drop page builders and
  • specific developer tools

There are more than 338,561 web hosting providers around the world, as of May 2019. In the US alone, GoDaddy controls 22.51% of the web hosting market. It is important that you know the type of service your hosting provider will provide.

Best Web Hosting providers for 2021

With all things considered, we’ve compiled the five best web hosting service providers out there. Some website hosts actually just give you the “plot of land” in the virtual space and leave you to build your website. Some make it easier for you. Depending on your purpose and website-building skills, there will be a website host that is perfect for the type of business you’re building. Here are the top five:


This is one of the top web hosting services out there that currently hosts 3 million websites. Their 24/7 customer support team is known to be very helpful. You also get many useful features included in your plan. Bluehost also has a lot of strong points like:

  • Consistent up-time of 99.96%
  • Fast page loading speed of 688ms
  • Ease of use
  • Website security features
  • Affordable priced plans


Their impressive growth didn’t make them go unnoticed. Hostinger grew from 10 million users last May 2014 to a user base of 29 million by January 2017. That’s not all, they have a ton of free and unlimited features. What put Hostinger as one of the top web hosting provider is their:

  • Fast Page load time of 356ms
  • FREE Website builder and domain name
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited features with your Premium and Business Plans

A2 Hosting

If you are looking for a shared web hosting service, then this one’s for you. A2 Hosting is known as the fastest shared hosting service available. Aside from providing shared hosting services, they also offer dedicated and VPS hosting plans. They use LiteSpeed cache and optimize their servers for WordPress sites to get that reputation. Features include:

  • 279ms page load time
  • Reliable website uptime
  • FREE LetsEncrypt SSL certificate
  • Unlimited SSD storage


Website hosting can get expensive especially if you have to pay for a whole year. Dreamhost is one of the providers that offer monthly pricing plans. You get a free domain, one website, unlimited bandwidth, and storage that you can use right away. If you’re just starting out to build your traffic and want to pay monthly this might be the best option for you. Features are:

  • Uptime at 99.99%
  • 570ms average page loading speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Cert


One of the leading website hosting providers out there servicing over 44 million users. GoDaddy provides web hosting services for big and small websites. With your basic plan you get:

  • 518ms average page load time
  • Reliable uptime at 99.5%
  • Drag and drop website builder for beginners
  • Knowledgeable 24/7 customer support

Best to choose the suitable hosting provider for the purpose of why you are building your website. With all the advancements in tech, we anticipate that there will be changes in the way websites will be built. For years website data is stored in physical computers. Now, website hosting is more streamlined than it ever was.

What does the future look like for web hosting

Web hosting for your business

When you build a website, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. For one, you have to know what your website needs. From small to big businesses, there is a web host for you. Of course, you have to know the basics of building a website. Here are the top things to consider when choosing a website hosting provider:

  • Available storage
  • Uptime vs. downtime
  • Loading speed
  • Website traffic
  • Privacy and security
  • Payment methods
  • Content Management System
  • Customer support

Getting your website built will take some time and thought as this is also a tool to scale your business. Choosing between getting a shared server or a dedicated one, choosing your domain name, even allocating a budget to maintain is no easy task. With all the available options out there you have to break it down to make an informed decision.

Website hosts help make building a website easy. There are options where you can use a drag and drop feature or build it from scratch. Just like building a house, you have the freedom to build your website how you want it.

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