Understanding Customer Feedback

Hosted By Lauren Conaway

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Sarah Hum

Today's Guest: Sarah Hum

Founder - Canny

Ep. #603 - Understanding Customer Feedback

In this episode of Startup Hustle, Lauren Conaway and Sarah Hum, Founder of Canny, discuss how to better understand your customer feedback.

Covered in This Episode

Why Is Customer Feedback Important?

In the grand age of information, there is still a big gap in data activation. Most businesses don’t use half of their first-party data. Or to be more specific, they don’t know how to. The overwhelming amount of customer feedback would often go to waste because there’s no proper way to filter them. This is why it’s crucial for a company to invest in data activation tools.

How to make sense of Feedback

Data activation refers to the process of extracting value from data by generating insights and putting those insights into action. Marketers can leverage valuable data and consumer insights to improve the customer experience across all marketing channels.

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Customers have a lot to say about a product, and businesses can turn those responses into valuable data. It’s only a matter of translating a boatload of feedback into a coherent report.

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  • Canny’s PM Chats (3:00)
  • What is Canny? (4:08)
  • Canny helping organizations make better decisions (5:46)
  • How to make sense of feedback (8:05)
  • The 7 Whys Rule (10:30)
  • Sources of feedback (12:09)
  • Best customer interview questions (23:00)
  • Filtering feedback (25:00)
  • Canny’s future (27:38)
  • Bootstrapping journey (28:57)

Key Quotes

Feedback helps us make better decisions.

Sarah Hum

We appreciate the feedback but there’s just so much of it.

Sarah Hum

You can’t solve everything for everyone on the planet. You need to focus, identify what’s most high impact and go there.

Sarah Hum

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