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What is Digital Marketing?

It’s such a marvel how technology is taking things to newer heights today. Digital marketing is on the rise, and many companies are hopping on this trend and agreeably so. Let’s learn about digital marketing, how it works, and the best industry practices.

It is an indispensable fact that technology and marketing go hand in hand. Ever since humanity learned how to use mass media, businesses also learned how to leverage it for sales. In today’s digital world, it’s the same hunger games but in a different arena.

Marketing, as we know it, is an important part of a business. Regardless of how revolutionary a product is, failure in marketing can deter a company’s road to success. Czech writer Milan Kundera explains that “business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.”

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While that remains true, this new age poses new marketing challenges for businesses. Traditional media remains a standardized field in the marketing game. But modern-day digital media, on the other hand, is another conversation.

This sort of challenge entails that businesses should keep up with timely digital marketing strategies that work or else they will be left out. This means that companies shouldn’t only market their innovations but also innovate the way they market.

Thus, modern-day businesses must participate in the digital transformation of marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

We could trace back digital marketing to when long-distance radio transmission was pioneered by Guglielmo Marconi in the late 1800s. But if we look at it now, digital marketing is an entirely different landscape impacted by the birth of the internet.

Today, digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services through digital channels. These channels include social media, SEO, and email marketing. This is done by leveraging timely and relevant strategies about each campaign per channel.

So how to do digital marketing?

First, it’s important to identify which channels would be appropriate for you to focus on. For example, if your audience base is the younger generation, it wouldn’t be as effective to channel your ads through the radio. You need to know which channels a specific demographic group so you’ll be able to improve your marketing tactics.

What Digital Marketing Strategies Suit You?

There is no definite formula for today’s vast digital marketing landscape. However, knowing the tools and strategies that you use gives you better advantages. Let’s get to know some of the most common digital marketing channels today.

Social Media Marketing

On top of our list is the very prevalent social media marketing. There are 3.5 billion people on social media today. And with the right strategies, you can become a social media sensation to your audience.

Social Media Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services on social media platforms. This process relies heavily on sharing relevant and engaging content. Your marketing material will be passed around by social media users to their friends, families, and other connections.

Because social media is a wide scope and has countless channels, you need to strategize your content well. It’s going to be a different tactic per campaign per social media platform. So, make sure that your material contains content that is shareable and relevant to boost your engagement and conversion rates.

CPC Marketing

Cost-per-click Marketing (a.k.a. PPC or pay-per-click marketing) is a digital marketing strategy that offers advertising options for businesses willing to invest in their campaigns.

From the name itself, CPC marketing stands for cost per click. This makes this type of marketing more manageable in terms of budget. Simply, CPC determines the cost of an advertisement depending on the number of clicks.

If you see those ads on YouTube or banners on your favorite websites, those are CPC ads that businesses pay for. Once they reach the daily quota in clicks, they will be removed from the platform or website’s ad rotation. This way, it’s easier to track how many clicks your ads get. You can measure if it’s worth the digital real estate you’re paying for.

SEO Marketing

Another digital marketing strategy you should consider is search marketing, or more popularly known as SEO. Search engine optimization is more of a set of principles and methods rather than a process. This incorporates high-volume keywords into your marketing material for them to be searchable and rankable in search engines.

As an example, we can look at this article as marketing material. We can see that the phrase “digital marketing” and its variants are sprinkled in different areas of this article. This allows search engines to locate this article based on the targeted keyphrase about this blog post.

Likewise, SEO strategies can be applied across and within social media platforms. LinkedIn is one prime example of how SEO works in social media. By properly setting up your business page on the site, users who are looking for the category of your business can easily look you up.

Affiliate Marketing

To properly illustrate this concept, affiliate marketing comprises three integral parts: the seller, the affiliate, and the consumer. A seller negotiates with an affiliate to help sell their products to the consumer.

For example, you are browsing through a website, and you see an ad from a different company displayed. If you are interested in the ad and click that, the company pays the website a commission. Simply, there is a middleman between the consumer before discovering the company.

This is most useful when targeting avid readers and their interests. An e-commerce company can reach out to clothing or fashion websites as an affiliate to broadcast their ads. Similarly, tech companies can reach out to tech review websites as affiliates.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing strategies include producing timely, relevant, and engaging digital content that a business can broadcast to its audience. Use different digital outlets and tools to promote and sell your products and services.

Here are some examples:

  1. Blog/Website Marketing. Simply creating a website that showcases your company’s products or services helps make your brand visible to the world. Create high-ranking and optimized content, so search engines could easily locate you.
  2. Guest posting. For startups, it’s challenging to grow a following. Guest posting on or collaborating with reputable or established websites through networking, could help you grow your audience. This is one good way of gaining a good endorsement.
  3. Content Marketing tools. Use content marketing tools as much as possible. These help you generate data for reports and analytics purposes. Using these tools could help you further strategize on your next move as a digital marketer.
  4. Audiovisual Marketing. Expand to wider markets and reach more audiences when you create audio and visual content that promotes your business. You can do this by starting a podcast or uploading engaging video content on social media and YouTube.
  5. Hire content specialists. The most effective way to execute this is by hiring or outsourcing content specialists. Not only do they have the skill set to perform the job well, but their ideas and experience will also help improve your marketing decisions.

As mentioned, there is no definite formula in choosing which of these digital marketing channels fits your business. Just take what you’ve learned from this and run with what you think would be relevant to your company. Wherever the dial points, it’s important to have content specialists to improve your digital marketing strategies.

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